The Cough Story

My Cough Meds

A few week back… Was among the worst week in my life. Scrambling to get a rein on my health. Day after day my health was deteriorating.

I developed a cough back in early January. Initially I thought it was just due to my sore throat. Went to the doctor and got some antibiotics and sore throat lozenges. But it lingered.

Day after day it was worsening. Tried another clinic, another doctor… Getting a second opinion. When I told everything that I knew about my symptoms he concluded I had asthma. Shoot. My childhood illness has apparently come back?

Was prescribed another batch of medicines. But instead of improving, it only worsened for me. Coughing was still there.

Went to government clinic. The doctor concurred that it may be asthma, and added a few more meds.

Then, I lost my voice, the cough was so bad it only stopped if I vomited. The frequent vomiting affected my voice. My voice was ermm undescribable.

All this while I was in communication with my sister. We talked about other possible causes of my cough. We talked about acid reflux. Went ahead and got myself over the counter medicines for acid reflux.

Still not much improvement.

Then I went yet to another doctor trying to get some more asthma medication. He suggested changing it a little bit. Dropping theophylline and instead getting clenbuterol.

Days went by and my condition improved.

So here I am still unhealthy but in better shape. Voice is still hoarse. But can carry far longer conversation. Though I still get winded if too long.