Full Inspectorate

Last week the School Inspectorate camped at our school for one whole week. They came here to do a full inspection on the school. The reason is because we have been an under-achieving school for a number of years already. They were here trying to help us get back on our feet.
I was observed twice, once for English and another one for P.E was expecting somebody to come in and observe me during Biology but that never happened. Got good inputs from them, especially for English. She commented that I need to play a bit with my deep “sexy” voice and to use the board more often. :p Yeah I know my voice is a bit deep so sometimes the students can’t hear me that well.
All in all it was a good experience, the last time I was observed was when I was doing my practicum, and I do welcome the feedback that they had given me 🙂
Adieu :rose: