A month of old friends

It has been 2 weeks since I got back here in Cheras, and every week, I’ve been going out and meeting old friends.
First it was namiaz and Hairy + Wife and Leer, then followed by Hanan and fiance, and last wednesday Amran and the gang.
It has been a long time since I last got the chance to get together with friends and it seriously feels good to be with familiar faces.
You can sometime get bored with meeting new faces and getting to know them all over again, and a familiar face is a relief in my current routine of getting to know people. 🙂 Not to mention the fact that I’m actually bad with names, sure I can always remember their faces, but their names alway eludes me after the first few days. That’s why I have this weird folder in my comp, where I put pictures of people complete with where I met them, and everything I know about them. Still have that folder somewhere on my old computer. Now you know my secret :p
Thinking of planning more get togethers, hehehe just to get the stress of work off my shoulders at the least. 🙂
Adieu :devil: till next time…..
p/s: first day of practicum at SSBJ… huhu….

Old Friend, Best Friend & Platonic

A couple of days back I met an old friend of mine. A friend I consider as a close friend, best friend you might even say. I’ve not seen her for close to a year. I’ve been busy with my studies and she with work. She came to see me ultimately with the purpose of inviting me to her wedding this May. And to tell you the truth, its one of the best news that I’ve heard for a while.
I’ve known her for 5 years now. A relationship that at first started by me taking the same paper with her, and me joining the same study group. Later on, from good friends we grew to the best of friends. Eventually her mom took me in as her “anak angkat”. Sort of the thing moms do isn’t it. To explain the true nature of my relationship with her would be very hard. Sometimes its easier to say that the relationship is platonic, but it isn’t just that. Trust with her is not an issue. I could trust her with many of my secrets, and I believe its the same with her. We could for hours about everything in the world and still has more to say.
Come to think of it, the most amazing of things with her is the fact that I’ve never had an argument with her. Not even one. And I’ve never been angry at her too. Perhaps its because she is so agreeable.. perhaps not.
Congratulations on your engagement Lynn, sorry I couldn’t be there. I promise to be at your wedding though 🙂

The Forgotten Friend

As usual I was lurking in my fav channels on IRC. So I saw this nick which struck it as familiar. So I msged her (yes the nick was obviously a girl)
me : helo
lil girl : helo, asl pls
me : 25 m
me : ur *** right?
lil girl : ahah
me : (full name here) penang? cgl?
lil girl : who are u???
me : im rahman laaa
lil girl : sapa rahman?
lil girl : how u know me ???
lil girl : i got to go call me 01********
me : sure
Continued On Phone
me: hey there… where are u right now…
lil girl : melaka…
me : heheheh
lil girl : how do u know me…
me : we met once, at bakti’s cafe
lil girl : can’t remember that…
me : it was a long time ago… 5 years back
lil girl : i cant remember anything…
me : it’s your memory.. i have nothing to do with that… ekekek
me : would you like me to tell anything about u..
lil girl : sure
me : u have 2 bro n 1 sis…
me : u once work part time at a gas station after spm
me : ermm u play tennis and hockey for penang…
me : ur birthday is ********
lil girl : how could u remember that…
me : now that’s a secret….
me : i’ve got to go now…
lil girl : call me again eh next time .. it’s been a while since I talked to u.. 🙂
me : sure
Ahahahahh what a day what a day… 🙂 The power of a lil note kept somewhere.. 🙂 wouldnt it surprise u that it could leave someone completely perplexed .. but then again u have to know where that note is ekekeke 🙂
I have a very bad memory mind u… and I always leave down notes about ppl I know lying around… just in case I need to know things about them.. owh don’t worry .. i keep the notes in a safe place.. nobody but me would know how to retrieve them 🙂
Point for today : Remember ur friends :p
:rose: Adieu

Short Stories Of February

1st Story :: The Weird Guys Session
Had a rather weird evening with the guys…. we were hanging out at the local Nasi Kandar…. sipping tea eating roti canai…. the usual stuff… then one of the guys suddenly said… hey somebody just taught me how to read palms.. then he proceeded by reading everybody’s palms…
Here’s what he has to say about me..
1. U will have 4 girlfriend… one might mary me… and I told him err I have 4 ex :p no chance of that
2. I’m a bit ‘boros’ … ya la tu kottttt
3. I will achieve a high status in life but through a lot of difficulties.. YEAH RIGHT!
4. I’m good in bed.. ..untested bwahahahah 8-}
Then there was also something about chances of having kidney problems … and another friend pitched in on how to find out if your future wife is beautiful or not .. wahhh so everyone’s wife is beautiful la that way kua kua kua….
2nd Stupid Story :: Tall Guy or Short Girl
I have this weird tendencies that when I walk around I tend to shield my face with my cap… resulting in that people cannot see my face .. but I can see their feet.. bwahahahah.. and usually I do this around trails that I’m familiar with. And as I have this weird swagger.. ppl usually get out of my way to avoid bumping into me… one crazy day…. as I was walking I sensed that a few girls was ahead of me.. as usual I ignored them and kept walking…. and as I passed them one of the girls looked up to me.. and I felt weird…. am I tall (which is not) or is that girl too short… bwahahahah karutt karutttt
Till Next Time .. Adieu
p/s: No I Do Not Celebrate Valentine’s Day. I’m Single And I’m Too Mereng For It 😀

Lembu Di Hujung Tali

(Jangan Baca, Ini Sekadar Luahan Rasa :p)
Manusia ni kekadang makin diajar, makin dicuba bawak berbincang makin bodoh, makin sengap… Yang dilihat hanya sepicis tapi dah buat tanggapan pelbagai… Penuh ngan rasa anti-establishment kononnya, asyik point out orang tu asyik mengikut orang lain (yes my principle is “go with the flow”) tp apabila org point out dia tu takda ciri anti-establishment… pun asyik mengikut orang… melenting.. marah.. tak suka…

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Business And Friends

“A Friendship Built On Business Is Better Than A Business Built On Friendship” – Some American President
I found out the truth of that quote the hard way. I built my business based on friendship and it suffered. Why the revisit? Coz just this morning I was talking to Zero about it. And also this afternoon I finalized my going out of the company by signing some official document that will take my name out from the company registrar. Heh finally…
And I sort of did a bit of threatening as well. Threatened to force a review on their business plan by the incubation center. My point was that, the original partner that is left is only 2. Me and my friend got out. I was taking care of the website dept, and my friend was in the graphic dept. The one that was left was in the sales and marketing department. Considering that I was the one that tabled the business plan to the Incubation Centre till we was accepted as one of the project. I had a big say in making them review their business plan. It was time as well. Annual report stuff, 🙂 Its been a year since the company was founded by me and the 3 friends.
Its time the new partner develop a new plan as well. And I also asked that if they could just use a new company name. *secret plan to retake the company name and build a one man business hehehe :p *
As I heard from the other friend that got out after me. The company was steadily losing money/ not making any money after I got out. Pity them, but I lost my voice in the company. Didn’t make any difference if I stayed or not.
Anyway I’m really thinking of setting up my own company.. fully owned by me of course. I think I know enough to be able to table a business plan till ppl believe in it … heheh.. But I think I will delay that till I get a job. 🙂
:rose: Adieu

Sleepy Yet Happy

Had a real nice talk last night with a good friend, a long and nice talk….. where I was doing all the talking actually. Got a lot off my chest, things that I’ve not been able to tell anyone actually, my frustration with people in general, and also predated stuff that I’ve kept secret coz I felt it was unnecessary for ppl to know.. But yeah last night everything came out…. and I think you are still shocked to know most of it… aren’t u? 🙂
Anyway the talk lasted more than an hour.. with me on the phone till my batery went cuckoo again.. felt relieved a bit… a bit happier… at least there’s a person out there who knows why I did the thing I did… :p
Got a surprise call this morning from one of my juniors… Very early in the morning like around 7.30am… Asked me if she can meet me.. wanted to pay some obscure book which I gave to her a year back. I somehow thought she wanted to invite me to her wedding… :p Yeah a lot of ppl I know are getting married.. actually one of my junior/friend met me the other day and said “Oi dah jadi bini dah, org cari tak jumpa” heheh… sorry la babe… life has been crazy… anyhow he got married in KL didn’t think I wanted to do another road trip to KL…. hehehe kawin time merdeka plak tu :p
Now I’m off… think I’m gonna catch up on lost sleep :p

A Serene Morning

It’s very quiet this morning, I wonder why…… been up from 7am… managed to repair another 2 PCs…. seems the PCs decided to breakdown last night… so here I am stuck again repairing the PCs…
Been talking to a close friend.. helps to wonder how life has past since we known each other around 5-6 years… She’s in Australia and I’m still here in the northern part of the peninsular.. :p Goes to say that I’m addicted to life here? the big city / relaxed life… though I am somewhat alergic to KL…. Penang is more relaxed to me.. perhaps coz I’m able to memorize the roads easier over here… U can’t get lost.. its an island haahhahah :)) Life… how much we have grown (I’ve gained 10kg since I came to Penang) physically and mentally… not to say that I’m more mature… but I believe i’m capable of thinking better these days. My biggest fault was too quick in making a decision. Likely to follow the heart rather than the brain.. have seen myself making big mistakes because of that….
Thinking … reflecting… how has my life improved? more friends? naaah.. instead I’ve killed a couple of friendships which was making me miserable… found a few good friends through that though… More comfort? naaahh same old … Mature? ermm still feels much a kid at heart…
Thinks that’s all in my mind at the moment… life goes on.. and on.. and on…
[Listening to: Love Is In Danger – Initial D (vol 2) – (4:49)]