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4 July 2005

A month of old friends

It has been 2 weeks since I got back here in Cheras, and every week, I’ve been going out and meeting old friends. First it was namiaz and Hairy + Wife and Leer, then followed by Hanan and fiance, and last wednesday Amran and the gang. It has been a long time since I last got the chance to get together with friends and it […]

8 March 2004

Old Friend, Best Friend & Platonic

A couple of days back I met an old friend of mine. A friend I consider as a close friend, best friend you might even say. I’ve not seen her for close to a year. I’ve been busy with my studies and she with work. She came to see me ultimately with the purpose of inviting me to her wedding this May. And to tell […]

4 March 2004

The Forgotten Friend

As usual I was lurking in my fav channels on IRC. So I saw this nick which struck it as familiar. So I msged her (yes the nick was obviously a girl) me : helo lil girl : helo, asl pls me : 25 m me : ur *** right? lil girl : ahah me : (full name here) penang? cgl? lil girl : who […]

14 February 2004

Short Stories Of February

1st Story :: The Weird Guys Session Had a rather weird evening with the guys…. we were hanging out at the local Nasi Kandar…. sipping tea eating roti canai…. the usual stuff… then one of the guys suddenly said… hey somebody just taught me how to read palms.. then he proceeded by reading everybody’s palms… Here’s what he has to say about me.. 1. U […]

21 September 2003

Lembu Di Hujung Tali

(Jangan Baca, Ini Sekadar Luahan Rasa :p) Manusia ni kekadang makin diajar, makin dicuba bawak berbincang makin bodoh, makin sengap… Yang dilihat hanya sepicis tapi dah buat tanggapan pelbagai… Penuh ngan rasa anti-establishment kononnya, asyik point out orang tu asyik mengikut orang lain (yes my principle is “go with the flow”) tp apabila org point out dia tu takda ciri anti-establishment… pun asyik mengikut orang… […]

18 September 2003

Business And Friends

“A Friendship Built On Business Is Better Than A Business Built On Friendship” – Some American President I found out the truth of that quote the hard way. I built my business based on friendship and it suffered. Why the revisit? Coz just this morning I was talking to Zero about it. And also this afternoon I finalized my going out of the company by […]

4 September 2003

Sleepy Yet Happy

Had a real nice talk last night with a good friend, a long and nice talk….. where I was doing all the talking actually. Got a lot off my chest, things that I’ve not been able to tell anyone actually, my frustration with people in general, and also predated stuff that I’ve kept secret coz I felt it was unnecessary for ppl to know.. But […]

21 June 2003

A Serene Morning

It’s very quiet this morning, I wonder why…… been up from 7am… managed to repair another 2 PCs…. seems the PCs decided to breakdown last night… so here I am stuck again repairing the PCs… Been talking to a close friend.. helps to wonder how life has past since we known each other around 5-6 years… She’s in Australia and I’m still here in the […]