Rantau Panjang n Bootleg Merchandises

Just got back from Rantau Panjang with my cousins. Actually today one of my cousin got engaged. The engagement party was done in a very simple manner. You can’t over do it anyway. As far as I know they didn’t discuss anything, ’cause that have been settled between my cousin and her fiance. Afterwards a few photo there and here, some food to be eaten and that’s it.
And after the engagement they were going to show the way to the male side to Rantau Panjang. They wanted to go shopping. So I tagged along with them, considering I had nothing better to do anyway.
So we got there around 4pm++ looked around a bit, I was thinking of just window shopping and not really buying anything actually. But I ended up with 2 football jerseys and a pair of ray-bans. That’s enough for me anyway. Didn’t bring that much money anyway eheheh :p
The jerseys that I bought are certainly bootleg… you don’t go to Rantau Panjang to buy originals anyway 🙂 But still within the bootleg sphere there is a Class A or Class B jerseys… usually the Class B are lower class merchandises and priced lower than Class A. But you are bettter off buying Class A, looks closer to the original and lasts longer. Anyway at these stalls, the priced aren’t really fixed and it all depends on how good you are at bargaining. Me I was lucky, that afternoon I got among the best prices for everything that I bought heheh 🙂
The rest of the time was spent waiting for the others to finish shopping. You know how women/girl shop. Very picky and tedious, if they can visit the whole market then they will. I managed to get home around 7pm just enough time for Asar.
While waiting for the other to finish shopping, I was lepaking with my cousins, and there was a group of girls near us. I had fun teasing one of my cousin to approach the girls. Seriously that boy is totally shy. Makes u wonder whether he’s going to a single sex school or not. 🙂 (no he doesn’t) Even after offering tidbits bout the girl to get him started (I told him her age and also her name… )yet he wouldn’t budge.. heheh :)) another time perhaps. :p
Adieu :rose: