Equality : The Feminist’s Manifesto

This one is going to invoke a lot of wrath upon me. But who cares. My point today is very simple. Don’t ask for something you can’t handle.
Here’s the background. I’ve known a lot of women, mature and immature alike. And a lot have sort of mentioned equality among men and women. The same opportunity and stuff. That woman should not be discriminated because of their gender. And to tell you the truth. I do respect that. Because I do believe that we should look at a person’s capability before their gender or race or whatever. But what really peeves me off these days is the fact that these people came back to me complaining…. and their complaint starts with… “I’m a girl”.
Most of these happened after I bashed them for not doing their job. Whether its at my old workplace (temp job) or my clubs… The same thing happened. Not satisfied that I gave em a mouthful. For me when these people says that they wanted equal chance. They have already stripped off their gender, meaning they can’t use it as an excuse. If they want to use their gender as an excuse, pleaseeeee don’t say that you can do anything that a man can do. It’s hard enough making decisions to empower them or not, but it’s harder when they start using gender as an excuse.. “I’m a girl, I’m sensitive you know”. Bullshit, its either you do your job or not. Gender doesn’t have anything to do with it unless I’m telling you to do manual labor or something…
Equality is equality… the same opportunity, the same job, the same mouthful and also the same right to be bashed by your boss or work mates.. I don’t usually bash people based on their gender.. but when they say “I’m a girl” Hell yeah I’ll bash them for being a girl.
If we don’t give people anything to discriminate us upon, there sure isn’t any point for them to discriminate.
p/s: And yes people do call me egoistic and a chauvinist, who cares :p