Multiple Devices, One Experience

This week has been all about simplifying the use of two computers for me.

  1. Mouse Without Borders:
    I stumbled upon an app called “Mouse without borders.” It’s quite nifty. With it, I could effortlessly use a single keyboard and mouse across both my computers. The best part? I could directly copy and paste between the two systems. MAGIC!
  2. Using a PC as a Display:
    Instead of getting a new monitor for my laptop, I tried something different. I projected my laptop’s screen onto my PC. All it took was enabling the “projecting to this pc” feature. It’s like having a second screen without the added cost or clutter.

It’s been a week of discoveries, and I’m excited to see what other tech tricks I can uncover next!

So, using two computers together can be easy. With the right apps and settings, it’s simple and helpful.