Tributes To Dr. M

If you switch on the telly, there’s tons of tributes to him and also to Pak Lah. It is a bit sad actually knowing that he’s the only Prime Minister that I’ve known eventhough I was born during Tun Hussein Onn’s reign yet I was too small to remember him :p Watched a few tributes (there’s too many) and I think its nice that people has at least some appreciation for him. Though they didn’t manage to get Nik Aziz to say nice things about him, he would only say something that sounds like “We were in good hands (Dr. M) and we will also be in good hands now (Pak Lah)” though don’t quote me on that…
Here in my kampung they also did a tribute… who was it that did the tribute… oh its only TNB and Kelantan Waters.. a bit weird though… at 6 pm today they suddenly decided to do a tribute to the going of Dr. M by killing the electric and water supply. How nice of them, so thoughtful…. had to endure the blackout for 3 hours. Couldn’t they think of something better? Luckily we have emergency lights and candles . If not break fast in the dark laaaa… it mus be romantic for my parents… candle light break fast :))
Ok that’s all.
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