The Bastard Uncle

Nice title huh? Yeah he’s a bastard, I accompanied my aunt to the local Syariah Court. Trying to settle her divorce. To make a short story very long, he refused to come. He called my aunt saying that he won’t come, and it was a last minute call.
But still we had to go because there was an appointment with the Kadi. And thus my aunt had to explain why his stupid ex-husband doesn’t want to come, to the Kadi. The Kadi threatened to sue the guy. And I was hoping for it too. But my aunt still has a soft spot for that wacko. So she talked to the Kadi and arranged something. Which I really don’t want to know.
Meanwhile I managed to see first hand some daily dramas, a couple divorcing… now I know how they do the settlement here in Kelantan. *Other states may have different procedures*. Seriously divorce is a very complicated matter. Look at all those procedures you have to go to. You have to think about the custody right, visitation rights. And there’s money too “Nafkah Edah”, Compensation, Child Welfare plus if you got divorced out of the court (talak at home) the husband have to pay RM1000 and services fee and so on.
Huhu… looking at all this I prayed that I never have to experience this in my family ever again, myself included.
On a lighter note, Matrix Revolutions has been released worldwide… My friend in the US even has her class cancelled coz the professor and classmates went to watch the movie. Now that’s something. Can’t wait to see it myself…. though I have to wait for the pirated copy 🙂 No decent cinema here in Kelantan.