Death In Kg Pak Roman – Cik Pak Cob In Memory

My grandfather, Yaacob Abdullah died this morning at 4.45am at HRPZII (HKB). He died due to a perforated gastric ulcer and then combined with heart complications. He is the last of my grandparents to go and amazingly the oldest. According to his IC he is 89 years old, but it is estimated his real age is more than 100.
It started with him being admitted to the Emergency Room of Hospital Machang 2 weeks prior, he complained of stomach pain. The doctor diagnosed him with perforated gastric ulcer and was transferred to HKB and receiving 4 pints of blood during the process. Then he had an OGDS. Was warded for 6 days and then was sent home much healthier.
After a few days he complaints of chest pains and was readmitted to the ER at Machang then transferred again to KB, and had to be hooked up to a machine. Almost 24 hours after being transferred to KB he was pronounced dead.
Adieu dearest grandfather…. the one that always calls me as “Cucu Cik” before cuddling me, even to his last days, not caring that I’ve outgrown his lap….. Adieu….

Second Stroke, Second Death

Last week my maternal grandmother had her 2nd stroke after the first one 14 months ago.
The first one left her immobilized. The second one saw her in a coma for a week. It ended yesterday…
11 Rabiulawal 1430H / 8 March 2009 , at around 2.40pm she left peacefully. The grandchildren all made mad dashes in order to arrive for her funeral. We had her funeral this morning at around 9am.
Last year it was my paternal grandmother…. so this makes it my family’s second death in less than a year.
Bon Voyage…. 🙁

Che Esah : In Memoriam

My grandmother on my father’s side passed away yesterday. It was very disappointing for me. I was still at school during that time because we had extra-curricular activities, and I had to cover for another person.
My family tried to call me to tell me about the death at 3pm but they couldn’t get through to me, the school is a virtual wireless dead zone. I was finally told about the news when I was on my way back from school.
Rushed from Gua Musang to Machang, but when I had arrived, they have buried her, as it was already night and they wanted to finish before Maghrib. The only thing that I managed to do was meet my family members.
My grandfather was still in shock, he was asleep when my grandmother passed away. He kept babbling about how he will be lonely, and blaming himself for not dying earlier. The two of them were close, and have never been apart. Her death is still a shock to us all, as my grandfather was the one that was sick. She was the one that looked after him.
She had no illnesses and that morning didn’t complain about anything. That afternoon her feet was cold and my auntie wanted to take her to the hospital, but she died quickly after. Whatever it is, she will always be loved by us. The quiet and sweet grandmother that loves to smile.
Farewell dear one
Al-fatihah & adieu :rose: