Post Grad

Alhamdulillah praise to Allah, I’ve finished my masters and have received my scroll.

Been slaving over it since dec 2008, and now when it is over I miss the rush of doing my assignments… for the record my masters was in applied linguistics, though i can’t vouch for my literary skills :p

Anyway the convocation was not without any drama. First of all, the convo was a very wet affair. Was raining non stop the day of my convocation and continues on after that. Hence we had to walk a mile or so from the parking lot to where the graduands was supposed to gather in the rain! And yes the parking was scarce as the first session of the convo was still not finished at the time.

The day after the convo I went back to UUM (yep that’s the univ) to return my robe, on the way there 2 lanes were closed because of flooding. Thought that was that… but it was not so…. meanwhile back to UUM I had to walk in the rain again! Just to get some money out of the ATM. So after I finished returning my robe and collecting my scroll and transcript, I started to go back to my guesthouse, lo and behold! all 4 lanes of the road has been closed, lucky I had some help from Mr. GPS and managed to find an alternative route through some kampong road which was at that time still not flooded.

Got back to the house loaded all of the baggage and started my way back to Kelantan, but guess what… the road that I used to go to Changlun is flooded and now I had to try another road! Again!

Continued my journey to Kelantan after making a short detour to AOR airport to send my parents off to Johor. We then had a short pit stop at R&R Perah near Gerik and took off at 6. Around 7pm we had to stop in the middle of the jungle as very close after Kelantan-Perak border near Jeli, a tree had fallen in the middle of the road. Lucky that behind me were a few trucks full of soldiers, with their help and also a big rig they managed to pull the tree out of the way and finally we managed to continue our journey….

Finally arrived at my home at around 10pm… my journey to Kedah only took me around 5 hours ++ but the journey back took almost double of that because of the multitudes of “events” on the way back.

That is not including the drama with my parents’ flight :p delayed for 6 hours!! huhu

p/s: me studying masters would somewhat explain why I was on a bit of hiatus from the site, didn’t have much time to write anything, even if I did it would only be in snatches on fb if any..

Post KPLI Convo

Whoah that was a tiring trip. Got a bus on tuesday night, and I got there on wednesday morning, I rested a bit at my cousin’s place and then went on straight to my college with a friend of mine. Lucky that I didn’t have to get on the LRT as my friend volunteered to come and pick me up at Gombak. Got there and after a bit of confusion I manage to get registered for the convo, got my robes and all and then paid for the photography services. (yes it’s a bit weord paying beforehand) While at the college there was here and there small gatherings of KPLI students, stopped by a few of such gathering to exchange news and after a while we parted ways.
Had lunch at the Velodrome, and then after much thought my friend and I both skipped the rehearsal and went straight to Lowyat. Manage to buy myself some toys (big boy’s toy) 🙂 A Jabra bluetooth headset, a car charger for the phone and a SD Wifi card for my PDA. Also picked up some stuff that my friends wanted. Was thinking of buying a new skin for my PDA but they didn’t seem to have stock of what I wanted, maybe I’ll have my friend buy it for me next time. After hanging out at Lowyat for a while, I was already tired from lack of sleep and the non stop walking, so I decided to go back and had my friend drop me off at the Masjid Jamek LRT station.
Got back at my cousin’s home, but he’s still at the office, then suddenly I found myself waking up to the sound of the phone ringing, hahaha I accidentally slept must have been damn tired. Anyway the phone call was from my cousin he was outside and can’t get in because I locked the doors from the inside :p Sorry cuz! Anyway that night I treated my cousin and his wife ( + baby) to a dinner at some seafood restaurant. I think it was one of those “Air Buah Gelas Besar” establishments located nearby. Had a splendid dinner, the food was amazing, and the juice was nice.. yummy!

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Pre KPLI Convo

I’ve missed a lot of blogging, mostly because my hosting upgraded some items and then totally forgot to upgrade the perl package as well. Yes it seems I’m the only hostee here using perl to blog. WHAT!!! Forget bout that.. let us continue to the stories….
Things I did and happened while I was away…. 1. I went to Sri Tujuh Beach at Tumpat for my school’s Leadership Camp. Was the facilitator there. The camp is actually for the school leaders, i.e the prefects and what nots.. we had fun there (more like I did and they suffered). The students was constantly under pressure to be on time and everytime, especially because the first thing we did was to strip them off their watches and lend them 1 watch each night so they wont be late for subuh prayers. The activity was really packed and gruelling from activitiy to activity there’s not even enough time to think. A few friends and I handled the morning session, my part was to do some stretching with them.. that’s it. Then I’ll pass the baton to a friend who will do physical exercises with them. Those physical exercises are really tiring.. heheh…. the apex of it all is the last night, it started with a sombre enough activity which will force them to rethink on what and who they are and followed by a blind folded solo drop at the beach that will last till 1 AM, and then still blind folded they will have another activity at the hall that will continue until 4.30 AM in the morning. I failed at that one, was so damn tired, I bailed out at 3 AM. :p We packed and left for home the next day.
2. Got my first pay + the backdated one that I was due. Was so glad of it all, splurged a hundred over on the car for a new floor mat and get it all cleaned up.. hehe will spent a few more ringgit to fix the alignment, yes the terrain I drive thru is a bit torturous for my car.
3. Will be packing off to my KPLI convocation at the college next week. Have already applied for a leave. The principal said something about signing it the other day. Wonder if it’s approved or not, I guess she’ll approve it anyway. Have already gotten myself the bus tickets for the day. Was thinking of going by car but decided otherwise as I don’t want to get there tired. Really looking forward to meeting all of my friends there, and on hearing all of their experiences so far. Only a few more days to go 🙂
Adieu :devil: