Fragmented Hard Disks

I had fun today, I defragmented my whole hard disk. The whole thing took around 10 hours. My C drive took the longest. Took it around 8 hours to finish. The other 6 drives took just a mere 2 hours. Damn that was long. But it was fun, knowing my computer will run a bit smoother, just a bit. But a little boost of performance is always good.
8 hours, that was fair actually considering I hadn’t defragged my computer since I last reinstalled win XP on my computer. Last night I checked the status then downloaded my favourite defragmenter Diskeeper from Executive Software. If you must know, starting from win2000 microsoft started using Exec Soft diskeeper as its standard defragmenter. The version shipped with winXP is equivalent to the evaluation I used on my old winNT computer. Diskeeper is considered industry standard where defragmenters are concerned. Hey it can even defragment other computer on the same network. I don’t think ur regular defragmenter can do that. 🙂
Now I’m off to defragment my computer once more.. errr having fun :p