Tag: boring

27 June 2004

Another Weekend Has Passed

It was like any other weekend, relaxing at home, reading my usual array of old books, (no new books 🙁 ) Watching the tele and most of all I was working on the website, nothing that is really visible except that I’ve completely changed the link’s bar so that it can be easily managed and also so that I can bookmark any interesting sites easily. […]

9 May 2004

Siri Perkara Bosan Yang Orang Buat Bila Cuti

Minggu lepas, 3 Mei sepupu aku kenduri kahwin (ok ni tak la bosan). Letih gila aku rasa, seb baik aku pemalas, slalu escape dr buat kerja. Gotong-royong start dr hari Jumaat lagi…. banyak jugak benda nak prepare… aku rasa seb baik jugak la cousin aku tu ada la jugak 2 3 org adik beradik laki… kalau tak gamak patah la pinggang…. On the whole, fun […]

7 October 2003

When Bored, Do What?

Felt totally bored today I don’t know why… ended going out and such.. went shopping for some computer stuff a bit 🙂 Yeah like the girls say shopping is fun. Especially if your using someone else’s money :p Bought myself the modem for Streamyx. Hmmm weird can’t seem to find the newer models.. the latest model that I did found was a bit, ermm how […]