Another Weekend Has Passed

It was like any other weekend, relaxing at home, reading my usual array of old books, (no new books 🙁 ) Watching the tele and most of all I was working on the website, nothing that is really visible except that I’ve completely changed the link’s bar so that it can be easily managed and also so that I can bookmark any interesting sites easily. Blogs are now divided into those who have feeds and those who doesn’t. I’ve also changed some buttons a bit 🙂 And planning to roll out my topic icons thingy soon 🙂
😀 As for a new theme, it will be hard for me to devise a new theme as I’m not that good at designing and I prefer a plain and simple theme like right now 😀 Also because of time constraint. Change of colour schemes perhap?
And also my cousin came home yesterday with his wife… rindu kampung kot ekekek 😀 He came to my house, he has never brought his wife here so there they are. Had a chat with the both of them… small talks the usual 😀 You can’t talk too much, the wife is a lawyer… anything you say can be used against you. :p
I thinks that’s all adieu :rose:

Siri Perkara Bosan Yang Orang Buat Bila Cuti

Minggu lepas, 3 Mei sepupu aku kenduri kahwin (ok ni tak la bosan). Letih gila aku rasa, seb baik aku pemalas, slalu escape dr buat kerja. Gotong-royong start dr hari Jumaat lagi…. banyak jugak benda nak prepare… aku rasa seb baik jugak la cousin aku tu ada la jugak 2 3 org adik beradik laki… kalau tak gamak patah la pinggang…. On the whole, fun la jugak, bukan selalu pun gotong-royong kita org nih… hari kenduri boleh tahan gak meriah, ramai la jugak org datang, nak jadi crite… sepupu aku ni satu skola ngan aku and tua setahun jer dr aku.. so cikgu yg datang tu pun semua cikgu aku.. kawan-kawan dia yg datang pon dr jauh lagi dah kata “cam kenal jerrr”… tapi aku biasa la jawapan aku mesti “err tak kenal la”. ekekek pemalu la konon… isteri cousin aku tu pun satu batch ngan cousin aku… pepaham la…. berduyun jer budak sekolah aku kat situ… seb baik aku pandai menyamar jadi tiang seri rumah…. waheheheh sambil tutup muka dengan kamera… so kenduri tu pun kira berjaya la jugak.. lauk pun banyak lebih sampai aku dua tiga hari dok makan gulai baki kenduri.. ekekek…
Pastu biasanya lepak rumah ni, aku tak berapa leh duduk diam sgt… especially pagi and petang… mesti ada jer yg aku kena buat…. lap kereta tu dah jadi rutin harian… gali lubang untuk tanam serpihan simen pun slalu jugak (rumah aku renovate byk simen bersepah)…. korek lubang pastu tanamkan segala macam batu la apa la…. tu ada dekat 2 3 petang jugak aku duk buat… hari ni ayah aku suruh pergi korek parit, parit depan rumah aku dah siap tinggal separuh jer lubang dia… penuh dengan tanah + air simen…. memang air takleh jalan…. pergi la korek…. pastu gi buang kat tanah tu kat tepi kebun…. dapat la jugak 3 kereta sorong, tanah yg dlm tu..
Amacam.. boring tak rutin seharian aku…. demi mengeluarkan peluh dan tak mahu ternak lemak.. :p
[Listening to: Bomfunks MCs – Something Going On (3:49)]

When Bored, Do What?

Felt totally bored today I don’t know why… ended going out and such.. went shopping for some computer stuff a bit 🙂 Yeah like the girls say shopping is fun. Especially if your using someone else’s money :p
Bought myself the modem for Streamyx. Hmmm weird can’t seem to find the newer models.. the latest model that I did found was a bit, ermm how do u say it.. low on quality. Instead I bought the old Aztech model. And bought a new mouse, optical thingy hopes this one last as at least half as long as my old logitech, that one lasted me 7 years altogether 🙂 (still using it for my old comp). Ah another afternoon spent at the shopping complex.
I relegated my acct on utopia to a friend, doesn’t feel like playing anymore. At least not in that Kingdom 🙁 Now thinking whether I should play Ragnarok or Not. From what I’ve seen, the interface is quite ok. Although the Malay version can get quite disorienting…
Oh well still bored… hopes my school of rock dload finishes tonight, then I can have some amount of boredom deleted. Oh well till then.
:rose: Adieu