Blood Pressure Metered

Was feeling a bit dizzy this morning so I had a quick visit to the doctor today. Was quite shocked to see my blood pressure, it was quite high 159/100 even the doctor made quite a face and even though I’ve been plagued with high blood pressure before (was diagnosed with young hypertension) have never been prescribed with high blood pressure medication. Today she gave me normaten, told me to try it out if it helps.
This is where it is important that you have your own Sphygmomanometer or in lay man’s term Blood Pressure Monitor. I personally have one, just to keep a tab on my blood pressure, my parents also own one. High blood pressure runs in the family :p
Wondered why my pressure shot so high, I have managed to keep it at a nice 120ish for a while. Maybe it is the pressure of work, but that couldn’t be it.. hmmm who knows…
Adieu :rose: