Drifting : Do I Know How?

A week ago, I had a moment of panic… the car went out of control while travelling down a hill side. It was a simple right corner but one where there was running water on the road.. it made it very slippery and while trying to turn right, the rear end moved first and the car drifted to the right because of that… it turned my car into a mower and mowed the grass on the right side of the road…. managed to regain control in time and put it back on the road…… (on the left side is a big chasm and on the right side a big drain)
Stopped a few meters away after the incident to take a look a the car, no serious damage, just a whole lot of scratch and a dent near the tail light. Lucky that neither the light nor its bracket was broken… if not that alone would cost a few hundred. Got a quote from toyota, they quoted 600 just to fix the dent alone…. I had it fixed at a small workshop near my home for just 60 ringgit :p And their work was remarkable… the paint wasn’t even chipped….
I myself wasn’t hurt in the incident just that my body is sore from the incident…. was wearing my seatbelt.. so that must have protected me while giving me a shoulder ache.. 🙂
Meanwhile on another front. Alya is now 40 days old… she’s a lot chubbier now and has gained a few centimeters as well.
She also likes to smile and make small sounds whenever i talk to her.. and her eyes definitely follows me around whenever i get up to get something. 🙂 The joy of fatherhood????
Till next time, Adieu :rose:
p/s: no I don’t know how to drift :p

It’s A Girl

1st of June 2008, 2.30pm . A beautiful baby girl was born to the proud couple of Rahman and Azlin at Hospital University Science Malaysia. Labor began the day before for the mom and lasted for 14 hours before delivering this bundle of joy. It was a sleepless night for the dad who only got to sleep in the car. At 1 o’clock in the afternoon the mom was wheeled into the delivery room from the antenatal ward. The dad joined the mom in the delivery room at around 1.40pm and calmed and supported the mom through the whole process. Mom’s only comment for her husband was, “I’m happy he’s not the fainting type”. The doctors coached the mother through the process. After numerous pushes the baby was finally delivered. The father whispered iqama to his new baby girl and managed to touch the newborn for a while. After that the father was quickly ushered out of the delivery room to allow the doctors to stitch the mother up and clean the baby.
The team that attended to the delivery was Obstetrician Dr. Rahimah Ab. Rahim, attending Paeditrician Dr. Pazlida Pauzi (my sister) and a houseman on duty. Alhamdulillah everything went well. The mother and baby is expected to be discharged this afternoon (2nd June).
Alhamdullillah and Adieu :rose: