Things Alya Say In The Car

Alya Lipat Kain
Alya Lipat Kain

My two year old daughter is quite talkative, eventhough she still has problems with her pronunciation… she is also most talkative when she is in the car… especially when commenting on the traffic… maybe because from an early age we taught her to recognize the type of vehicles… lorry, cars motorcyle, ambulance and the not so often excavators..

She also like to comment on the cars and traffic, for example whenever I hit a pothole she would say “gok gek car papa” (papa’s car is unstable).. and we have no idea where she got the word “gok gek” (kelantanese) probably from her nanny?

Today she was talking in the car, saying “aguh okcik! iso okcik!” (very good, uncle! superb, uncle!) holding her thumbs up and showing it to the car in front.. this one is because whenever we encounter problematic vehicles my wife and I would hold our thumbs up to them.. hehe (cynical?)

And yesterday was something else altogether, we went to KB and she slept in the back seat, she woke up as I was getting into a crawl near a traffic light, she commented “ange epuh car, ekciden.. bum bum” (don’t hit the car, excident boom boom”…. really funny… the observation power of a child….

Adieu 😀

Alya Is One

My sweet little angel is now one year old 🙂 Her achievements this year includes walking at 9 1/2 months… climbing the chairs at 11….
We had a small get together on 29th to celebrate her birthday… did it in advance due to the fact that my B.I.L was at home just for the weekend. We had a small cake for her.
The main dish however was Laksa and Laksam, with choice of gravy either Penang of Kelantan…. Invited only my immediate family members… as the rule was to keep the guests to a minimum…. Alya was quiet the whole day… and at the end was having some tantrums. Perhaps due to her being tired…. the whole affair kept her awake too long and she likes her naps 🙂
All in all it was fun seeing family members and celebrating her birthday in one go 🙂
Adieu :rose:
*pictures are unfortunately mostly on FB 🙂

Too Long Too Hectic

The past few weeks have been hectic, I don’t really know what happened but time just flew and I forgot entirely to update the blog 🙁
Sorry if my absent mindedness causes a lot of anxiety :p (like ppl read the blog pon!)
So we had a splendid raya, visited relatives as usual, went to more houses this year, bringing along Alya, she behaved nicely like a good girl she was, the only thing is she get hots easily and will make a fuss if we stay too long at a house :p She likes to be on the move!
Then after the raya it was busy busy school days again. Last week I only went to school for 1 day, the rest was spent with the district volleyball team, I was entrusted to coach the Under15 team. We only had 4 days to train…. the Girls managed to get into the semi final and left with the Bronze Medal 🙂 Was really proud of them. Sadly, the Boys didn’t even pass the group prelims.. happy and sad at the same time :((
While at the games I was informed that I would have to go to a Mini Games Carnival and was appointed as the referee for Volleyball. The wife also called to tell me that I was also appointed as an invigilator for SPM. So that means that this week I will only have 2 days to go to school, tomorrow and the day after. Next week I will no longer be at school. Didn’t expect that it would be this hectic at year end because usually there will be no more activities at this time of the year.
But I welcome it anyway, because I like it 🙂 You may have expected that anyway 🙂 Because when it is hectic, it means that I get more done. Plus, my time with the students have been realy maximized and there’s nothing more that I can do with/for them. The baton has been passed to them. I do hope that they would do well in Biology this year.
Best of all, my wife has been very understanding throughout this hectic period, considering the fact that I will be leaving her again next week 🙁 I think that’s all that I could jot down today, probably I would do another entry after this. 🙂
Adieu :rose:

Short Holiday 2008

My mid sem holiday is somewhat over. I’m already back at Gua Musang. Am here early so that I can start on the new timetable as well as properly putting the stuff that I moved from the old house.
So how did I spent my short holiday, basically there was not much that I did, I attended a relative’s wedding. It was a simple affair nothing grand but the atmosphere was definitely festive.
The Imam that did the solemnization was really funny, first he made the groom really nervous by purposely saying another person’s name. Then he gave the usual wedding sermon. After the solemnization is the really funny part. He then transformed into the wedding director. Even telling the newly weds what to do. For instance he told the groom to put on the ring to the wife’s finger and then counted so that the photographers get a chance to snap pictures. Then he instructed the groom to kiss the bride and then counted very fast saying that it needn’t be too long as they have other times to do it as long as they want.
On another note, Alya is not feeling pretty well lately she has been coughing and the doctor have given her some medication. But the cough have not really subsided so far.
Alya is also pretty heavy right now. When we weighted her at 1 month old she was already 3.6kg an increment of 500 grams then at 2 months old her weight shot up to 4.7kg. I bet when we weigh her next she’ll be close to 6 or 7kg.
Till next time
Adieu :rose:

Drifting : Do I Know How?

A week ago, I had a moment of panic… the car went out of control while travelling down a hill side. It was a simple right corner but one where there was running water on the road.. it made it very slippery and while trying to turn right, the rear end moved first and the car drifted to the right because of that… it turned my car into a mower and mowed the grass on the right side of the road…. managed to regain control in time and put it back on the road…… (on the left side is a big chasm and on the right side a big drain)
Stopped a few meters away after the incident to take a look a the car, no serious damage, just a whole lot of scratch and a dent near the tail light. Lucky that neither the light nor its bracket was broken… if not that alone would cost a few hundred. Got a quote from toyota, they quoted 600 just to fix the dent alone…. I had it fixed at a small workshop near my home for just 60 ringgit :p And their work was remarkable… the paint wasn’t even chipped….
I myself wasn’t hurt in the incident just that my body is sore from the incident…. was wearing my seatbelt.. so that must have protected me while giving me a shoulder ache.. 🙂
Meanwhile on another front. Alya is now 40 days old… she’s a lot chubbier now and has gained a few centimeters as well.
She also likes to smile and make small sounds whenever i talk to her.. and her eyes definitely follows me around whenever i get up to get something. 🙂 The joy of fatherhood????
Till next time, Adieu :rose:
p/s: no I don’t know how to drift :p

2 Weeks Old

My newborn is now 2 weeks old (15 days including today), reminiscing back, the day after she was born, the mum and baby was allowed to leave. We headed straight for her grandpa’s house for him to have a look at her, we also swung around to her great grandma’s house. We also managed to stop at Abuya’s (a local sheikh) for her tahnik ceremony.
She was all fine and dandy until her third day when the visiting nurse announced that she has a slight jaundice and we needed to check her blood for it. We went to check her blood daily at Lundang Paku Health Clinic, and on the 3rd time, her jaundice had went down and the nurse told us to bring her back only if necessary.
I went to the registration office and had gotten her birth certificate, in a month’s time I will be getting her MyKid. She is now officially know as Nur Alya Fatima, though her family likes to call her Alya for short. 🙂 Alya can mean a few thing such as “a high place”, “venerable”, “mountain”, “high”, while Fatima is the daughter of the Prophet Muhammad PBUH or in old arabic “to wean”
as such her name can mean “The light of the venerable Fatima”.
During the weekend, we did a little get together for her Aqiqah, and we managed to get it done with a minimum of fuss, even managed to get a goat for it at the last minute and luckily it was cheap. During the aqiqah, the imam shaved her hair a bit. I was instructed to finish it on my own. Her head was soft, and it took me almost 4 hours just to shave her head. (Have shaved my own head in less time) Probably because I was afraid that I would hurt her. That afternoon her belly cord fell off on its own accord, this was only noticed when I was checking her diaper.
Alya is still sleeping around clock only waking up for her milk and for her diaper to be changed. She is also more active during the night, waking up several times in the wee hours for her milk and sometimes not going back to sleep after it. This is to be expected, but a bit tiring for me and her mum. On that note, I need my beauty sleep.
Adieu :rose: