Here’s A Technology That Will Astound You.

I was surfing around on the net when I stumbled upon a few products… here is a description of what they do
PageRecall (formerly called PageVault) lets you keep control of your valuable intellectual property after it’s delivered across the Web. Transform a document into a protected Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) file with just a few keystrokes. PageRecall is ideal for protecting all types of confidential documents including: subscription-based content, merger and acquisition details, prototype design specifications, and legal documents.
MailRecall lets you retain complete control of e-mail messages — even recall them after you hit the Send button. Encrypt your e-mail messages and attachments with explicit restrictions on how recipients can use the information, and track message activity.
NetRecall lets you leverage the Web to safely share sensitive or confidential Web pages with partners, employees, and clients. You can make selective Web content available to authorized users and retain the usage rights over the information, even after it has been downloaded. You decide whether content can be viewed, copied, printed, or forwarded. You can even recall Web pages and effectively delete all copies, wherever they reside.
Now don’t you feel scary that they can actually track those webpages and emails, to the extent of actually deleting them from your computer.
Be scared the big brother is here!
p/s: PageRecall is a plugin for AdobeAcrobat, a product of Authentica