Another Slip

Today at school was just informed that one of my colleague had an accident. The accident actually happened at the same place that my accident happened. But as it happened, the colleague went down the road on the left side and a ravine was just waiting there. They miraculously survived the ordeal with nothing but scratches and bruises, but their car was really in a bad shape. A friend told me it had dents and scratches everywhere, up down, in front back sides… everywhere!
What this really is, is just a reminder to us that, that particular road is very slippery and very hazardous. I myself was actually the third person from the school to had an accident there. The news of it happening wasn’t really spread out. Now only does we talk about how dangerous that part of the road after so many incidents happening right there and two accidents happening in a span of less than a month.
Reminder to self, running water plus downhill road plus cornering is a dangerous mix!
Adieu :rose:

Drifting : Do I Know How?

A week ago, I had a moment of panic… the car went out of control while travelling down a hill side. It was a simple right corner but one where there was running water on the road.. it made it very slippery and while trying to turn right, the rear end moved first and the car drifted to the right because of that… it turned my car into a mower and mowed the grass on the right side of the road…. managed to regain control in time and put it back on the road…… (on the left side is a big chasm and on the right side a big drain)
Stopped a few meters away after the incident to take a look a the car, no serious damage, just a whole lot of scratch and a dent near the tail light. Lucky that neither the light nor its bracket was broken… if not that alone would cost a few hundred. Got a quote from toyota, they quoted 600 just to fix the dent alone…. I had it fixed at a small workshop near my home for just 60 ringgit :p And their work was remarkable… the paint wasn’t even chipped….
I myself wasn’t hurt in the incident just that my body is sore from the incident…. was wearing my seatbelt.. so that must have protected me while giving me a shoulder ache.. 🙂
Meanwhile on another front. Alya is now 40 days old… she’s a lot chubbier now and has gained a few centimeters as well.
She also likes to smile and make small sounds whenever i talk to her.. and her eyes definitely follows me around whenever i get up to get something. 🙂 The joy of fatherhood????
Till next time, Adieu :rose:
p/s: no I don’t know how to drift :p

The Accident

On Monday, selected teachers from all the school in the Gua Musang District had a short meeting with the KPPM, mainly it was about his project/initiative to get higher grades for students in Kelantan. After that I went looking for electrical goods, was trying to get a new washing machine as the previous one, my ex-housemate moved it to his new house, so I really need one, quick! After looking high and low for a good one, and to no avail, we decided to have a drink and cool down a bit.
Then we proceeded to the Kesedar Inn Mosque, as we wanted to go and pray at the mosque. Here is where the accident happened. At the traffic light leading to the mosque, some 200 meters away; I overtook a couple of motorbikes, as it was already late. As I was turning into the road leading to the mosque, I heard a loud noise, I was almost sure that I overturned and hit the curb, as so did a friend of mine at the back. But my other friend noticed in the side mirror that it was a motorist. I stopped the car and immediately went to see him, he was in quite a mess. Had some bruises and razes not too bad but enough to daze him, then I went back to the car and parked it at the side of the road and also got a brief look at my car, didn’t notice any real damage, then an uncle stopped me and asked what happened, I told him that I hit some guy on a motorbike. He headed straight for the motorist, as it turns out he’s a police officer, he questioned the guy and found out that he had no license. The policeman asked me if I wanted to make a police report, and I said yes, but it will depend on the damages on my car. So I headed back to the car to reinspect if the damage was big or not. But it turns out that it was only a scratch.
Broken bumper fittings and scratches
The motorbike on the other hand was in a terrible shape. So I told them that I’m not really going to push for a police report, as I could fix the damages on my own. The motorist on the other hand however still insisted on making a police report. Mostly I think, because he wanted to press me into getting his motorbike fixed for free. Meanwhile he was still being questioned by a group of police officers who have just arrived on the scene. After talking, and the policemen giving his final say that if we wanted to make a report we need to go the police station. The motorist (his name is Din) was sent over to the GM, and my friends and I had our Asar prayer at the Mosque. After that we went to the hospital to see the condition of Din, and also to ask him if he wanted to make a report, and if so take him to the police station. While there, my friend tried convincing him not to make a police report. It was getting really weird, the one that was at fault (him) was trying to make a police report, which will sure end him up in hot oil. While talking to him, a police sergeant arrived to take our details.Tthen he asked Din, if he wanted to make a police report, the he said, on what charges is he’s going to push the report. The sergeant also asked, did he think he’ll win in court. Finally, when his family member arrived, he was convinced by them not to make a police report. Me, I was willing to make a police report, so I can claim from my insurance, don’t have to fork out my own money to repair the car. But eventhough he was not going to make a report, he asked me for some money to repair his motorbike, my friend also told me to give some, not because it was my fault but more because the bike was in a mess, and my car only got a slight scratch. I sort of felt pity for him cause he is surely not going to be able to go to work, so I relented and gave him some token money. So that ended that particular day, instead of being able to go back early, we arrived at around 9 at the school. But, I’m still glad that nothing major happened, nobody died or anything.