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20 July 2008

Another Slip

Today at school was just informed that one of my colleague had an accident. The accident actually happened at the same place that my accident happened. But as it happened, the colleague went down the road on the left side and a ravine was just waiting there. They miraculously survived the ordeal with nothing but scratches and bruises, but their car was really in a […]

11 July 2008

Drifting : Do I Know How?

A week ago, I had a moment of panic… the car went out of control while travelling down a hill side. It was a simple right corner but one where there was running water on the road.. it made it very slippery and while trying to turn right, the rear end moved first and the car drifted to the right because of that… it turned […]

18 April 2006

The Accident

On Monday, selected teachers from all the school in the Gua Musang District had a short meeting with the KPPM, mainly it was about his project/initiative to get higher grades for students in Kelantan. After that I went looking for electrical goods, was trying to get a new washing machine as the previous one, my ex-housemate moved it to his new house, so I really […]