Supermoon 2016

Was excited about the supermoon today as most ppl would be, but more important errands had to be done and i was only able to take pictures of it at 9.30pm.. almost at the end of it and that was after the heavy cloud subsided. So after taking 75 photos of it, this is the only 1 that is good enough. Till we meet again in 18 years.

supermoon 2016

Moving On

I need to move on,
not because moving is required of me,  but because still water becomes stagnant,
a rock unturned collects moss… 

I need to move on,
not because moving is forced upon me,  but because time doesn’t stand still,
the universe never tires.. 

I need to move on,
because the centaur is ever restless….

2016 Concept Papers

New concept paper for english co-academic competition can now be accessed via this link

Official Concept Papers

Finally got the official version of the concept papers from BKK officer. Pn. Nora. Sharing here for easy reference.


Think Tank Meeting 2015

Was invited to the English Co-Academic Activities Think Tank Meeting couple of week back. As a result I attended a day long meeting. Main agenda of our meeting today was to discuss the concept paper of Poetry Recitation and Scrabble competition. Specifically to include the secondary schools in the competition.

After going over the concept paper back and forth so many times we finally came out with the revised concept paper. Both competition had minor changes, most of it is to ease the running of the competition and also to clarify a few issues and to address feedback from our colleagues.

Hopefully the changes are beneficial for everyone and will make the competition more enjoyable and able to achieve its objectives and aims.

Links for the concept papers are below.

*the concept papers are not considered final nor official until it is from the moe or its website, it is just here to spread the news about the 2 new categories.


Themes for national level poetry competition 2015 (primary & secondary)

ToT2014: Art of Poetry Session

Last few days, I went for a ToT course in KL. Had the opportunity to meet my lecturer from MPIK, Ms Shobha. She showed us how poetry can be fun for our students. Via a number of activities, student can come to enjoy and learn how to create poems. One of the activities that we focused on was Chain Poem, similar to chain writing, we started with a central theme. Then the first person comes up with a line, a simple one; then the next person continues, adding another line. At the end of the exercise we came out with several beautiful poems.

I took some pictures and you can have a look at them using the link below.


Format Pentaksiran Tingkatan 3

Pentaksiran Berasaskan Sekolah

Finally after months of waiting the official format for PT3 is here. I can only comment on the English paper format. It is almost the same as the one leaked previously. Except with a few twist. For one thing, the sample for section B which is information transfer is easier for the student versus the leaked sample. As it follows what is usually is in the text book. Another thing I noticed is the inclusion of a small section for poems and novels. Many teachers have spoken about the exclusion of literature in the leaked version.

The number of essay have also came down. If looking at the leaked sample there is a total of 3 writing tasks (50 words, 100 words and 150-200 words essay). The official format only have a 50 words short response essay, and another 120-150 words essay in section D.

All I can say that is I’m quite happy with the format. Not many repetitive task as compared with the leaked version.

Latest  English Format vs Leaked English Format


For the rest of the documents please use the link below.

Format Instrumen PT3

Instrumen Contoh


Patience Is A Virtue

A Patient Spider
A Patient Spider


We wait and we reap,
what we sow in heaps;
for patience is a virtue,
that pays and it is true.


A month or so back, I was commuting back and forth between Kelantan and KL. It was tiring, but fulfilling at the same time. The reason was because I was attending a course on translation. I was among the few who responded to an advert in MOE’s website, asking if we wanted to learn how to translate. As I’ve been doing translation on a part time basis without any training at all it was a dream come true.

The course was jointly organised by MBKM and ITBM. It was a pretty packed course as we had classes/lectures from 8 in the morning up till 10 at night. They told us that the usual course as organized by ITBM would be less packed, but special request by MKBM means we get the fast and furious version 🙂

We started with the easy stuff, the basics of translation, why we do translations and so on. Then it was on to the more technical aspects of translation. How different field have different requirement for translation. Literal translation vs free translation. How much do you need to keep to the original text?

It was daunting at first, but we had great instructors plus the fact that most classes was hands on, and what we learn we immediately get to practice straight away.

Then we were split into two groups, one focusing on translating from English to Malay and another group focused on Malay to English translation. I was in the latter. From the start they had actually told us that this would happen and that as an end product of the course we would be translating some children’s book.

As I was in the Malay to English team, we were given unpublished children’s books courtesy of ITBM, these were obviously still in Malay and we were tasked to translate them. I sure was excited to do so, and I believe so was the rest of my group.

We got to work with two editors who helped us improve our translations. We really tried our best in improving the translations as we were told that the books will be flown to Bologna for the Children’s Book Fair there. Hopefully it would be well received there.

All in all, the course was excellent everything that I hoped it would be and more! New knowledge, new friends and best of all a book with my name on it?

Adieu 🙂

Good Start To 2013

Seems that 2013 will be another good year for me. First day of 2013, I got home and got a letter from IKEA, informing me that I won a backpack in a recent lucky draw. Apparently there was a lucky draw when I last went there, and I was picked from the many ppl who registered for their IKEA Family card.

Thanks a lot IKEA, but then I was left a conundrum, as the letter effectively informed me that I need to pick up the backpack at a specific time. Which I am unable to do so, going off to KL from Kelantan just to claim a prize is too much for me. Called the customer service, told them my situation and they asked me to email them so that they can help me better.

Emailed them detailing my problem, and I waited for quite sometime before they got back to me, and they informed me that I can pick up the backpack anytime, but informing that I should pick it up within 2 years. Now that is ample time. Very good customer service on part of IKEA. Thank you for making it a very good start to my year.