Good Start To 2013

Seems that 2013 will be another good year for me. First day of 2013, I got home and got a letter from IKEA, informing me that I won a backpack in a recent lucky draw. Apparently there was a lucky draw when I last went there, and I was picked from the many ppl who registered for their IKEA Family card.

Thanks a lot IKEA, but then I was left a conundrum, as the letter effectively informed me that I need to pick up the backpack at a specific time. Which I am unable to do so, going off to KL from Kelantan just to claim a prize is too much for me. Called the customer service, told them my situation and they asked me to email them so that they can help me better.

Emailed them detailing my problem, and I waited for quite sometime before they got back to me, and they informed me that I can pick up the backpack anytime, but informing that I should pick it up within 2 years. Now that is ample time. Very good customer service on part of IKEA. Thank you for making it a very good start to my year.


Behind an F1 Driver : An F1x2 Experience

Waiting For My Turn

Waiting For My Turn

This is a really overdue post..   Back in March 2012 (still this year Razz) I had the luck to won a lucky draw by Maybank for its customers.
Back then when I got the call I was even confused thinking that it was some kind of marketing agent trying to sell me something. I totally really forgot about that particular contest as the entry form was just a simple sms.

Back to reality, I was properly convinced by the Maybank staff that I won a prize in the contest. Especially when an official letter was delivered confirming the details. According to the letter, I had won the grand prize which would give me the chance to ride in a special 2 seater F1 car. The F1x2 Experience.

I was invited to attend the prize giving ceremony, usually I would decline as it would mean that I had to take a leave from school, but it was during the school holiday so I brought the whole family for a short holiday in KL. The prize giving ceremony was the usual talk talk and take picture then eat session, nothing special even the prize given was ermmm doubtful? We were given a big box with a small card inside and that’s it. Doesn’t actually inspire us to what we were going to experience….

2 weeks later on 29th March, I hopped on Air Asia flight AK5821 early in the morning and got myself to KL, I managed to rope in my brother in law as my “official photographer” for that day. So he picked me up at the LCCT terminal and we went straight to the Sepang International Circuit. Was a bit lost when we got there as we didn’t know where to head to exactly but managed to find the place eventually. I went straight away to register myself and as I was scheduled for the afternoon session was told to have lunch first with the reminder not to eat too much… had to fill in a few forms including and indemnity clause form.

Finished with registration we headed on to have our lunch, Alex Yoong was already there, apparently he finished driving early and was already having his lunch. Proceeded to have our light lunch and the we went around the place looking at the sights. Was then called for a quick briefing before I was told to suit up.

When i finished suiting up that I really felt like I was going for something fun and exciting… After suiting up it was a short wait before we were called up one by one for the real thing. The short wait was intense as I could really see that one by one the participants all had some good fun. I couldn’t even concentrate when talking to one of Maybank’s manager…

Then suddenly it was my turn, time for me to don my mask and helmet. I was then ushered quickly to the pit waiting for them to setup the car. Was briefed on how to use the panic button. All i could remember was, let the button go if u have any problem… so automatically my mind was set.. I’m never going to let go of that button .. ahahahaha… Was introduced to the driver Patrick Friesacher, took a photo with him and the car.

Got into the cockpit.. it was not easy as it was a real tight fit, my leg essentially was straddling the driver although then it dawned on me that i’m probably not going to be able to get any front view at all as the head rest for the driver was blocking most of my view… but then again i might not want to see it.. hihi Razz the pit crew then helped to secure me, lots and lots of straps.Checking and rechecking that it was secured properly.

Everything was all set, my heart was pumping.. between regret of getting into the car and the excitement of being driven…  my emotion was all jumbled up and i was really tense with anticipation.. then wooosh off we go into the tracks… damn he really stepped that accelerator and before long we were already hurtling at speeds that i would never drive my car….

A few seconds of getting into the track and we were already taking turns, and I couldn’t keep my head straight as the car was turning, basically my head lolled around banging on the sides of the car everytime we took a turn.. trying to keep myself in place was basically useless with all the high speed turn we were taking and every one of the 15 turns awarded me a bruise on my shoulders banging at the side of the cockpit.. then as suddenly we were already back at the straight in front of the paddock area… when we get to the straight my head was immediately stuck to the headrest as he sped up and everytime he downshift/brake my helmet would nearly hit the back of the driver’s headrest… and all through that time i was laughing/screaming at the top of my lung, enjoying the rollercoaster ride , relishing every moment, and before long the 3 laps were all done as it only took less than 2 minutes to finish a lap, total time in the car was only around 5 to 6 minutes.. shorter than the time it took me to get suited, but i can tell u one thing, it will be the most memorable 6 minutes in a car in my life Smile

Getting out of the car i was speechless, even when i was approached by the media team for Maybank for a short interview i could only give very short answer as my adrenaline was still high and i felt out of breath as if i ran a full marathon.. all i could think of, couldn’t these ppl fine a better time for an interview.. i got my answer a few minutes after that, as my adrenaline wears off, i started feeling nausea, i couldn’t really keep still, because if i sit down i felt like puking. fortunately that didn’t happen. rested for a while at the lounge area at the paddock, before they asked if i was feeling up to a tour of the grounds. of course I was!

The tour of the grounds was amazing, as we get to go to areas that are most of the times off limit to outsiders, we started off with the news room, where all the reporters are stationed, adjoining it was the conference area, and also the commentators booth. Nothing look interesting to me because at that time it was empty and couldn’t really feel nor imagine how the place looked like when it is in full swing. We were then brought to the winners’ circle, of course everyone took a turn at taking a picture of themselves on top of the podium Razz

Then we proceeded to the control room where they have a wall full of monitors showing feed from numerous camera around the circuit. This is where every activity on the circuit is monitored, they can control the cameras from the room, pan tilt zoom, you name it they can do it. When asked if they enjoy watching the race from the room, they say no because at that time they are more focused on keeping the race safe.

The tour then moved on to the perdana suite where all the VVIPs / Head of states / Royals watch the race. The place has two level, one on top of the roof where they have a 360 view of the whole circuit. Essentially the best seats in the house to watch the race. The tour ended there where we were allowed to stay the longest and then we adjourned to have tea.

The whole thing was surreal from the start, from receiving the phone call right down to sitting in an F1 cockpit. The only reminder that every was real and it really did happened to me a few weeks after the experience was mess of bruises on my shoulders… Smile

Thirty Two or Thirty Three??

Happy Birthday

It’s that time of the year again, it is my birthday. But there is something special this year Smile  32 years ago I was born on 11 Dec or according to the Hijri calendar 21st of Muharram. This year 21 Muharram falls on 15 December 2011.

That is what is so special about this year Smile I will have two birthdays in a week, I will also turn both 32 according to the Gregorian calendar and 33 according to the Hijri calendar. Now that would be a memorable birth week, wouldn’t it?

Also memorable this birthday is the fact that I am also celebrating with the addition of a new family member, my little boy Faiq, who is also celebrating another milestone in his life, just a few days back he had his first few steps Smile TM also had the courtesy to get my telephone line installed today, on my birthday Smile Seems I’m of to a good start for my birthday week Smile

Adieu Rose

p/s: Thank you to everyone who wished me all the good things under the sun, may all your wishes come true Smile

SBPA 2012 : Khas Buat Guru

Pekeliling SBPA telah pun diedarkan beberapa hari yang lepas, pastinya sudah ramai yang membaca dan meneliti pekeliling tersebut, pastinya ramai yang tersenyum dan berpuas hati dan timbul pula pelbagai jenis pertanyaan. Mungkin kerana ada yang kurang jelas mungkin juga kerana tiadanya lampiran C? Ada skim yang telah mendapatkan maklumat dari lampiran tersebut ada lagi yang belum. Jika sudah pastilah sudah terungkai sedikit pertanyaan.

Untuk merungkai sedikit pertanyaan tersebut maka khas buat rakan-rakan guru, disini saya persembahkan lampiran C utk skim DG, harap semua berpuashati dgn apa yang bakal diperolehi.

SBPA 2012 - DG1

SBPA 2012 - DG2

Salam Aidilfitri 1432H


Faiq & Me

Moga masih belum terlambat utk saya dan keluarga mengucapkan selamat hari raya kepada semua rakan-taulan, sahabat-handai dan kaum-kerabat sekalian. Maaf Zahir dan Batin kami sekeluarga pohon dari semua kenalan.

Terlewat sedikit ucapan tahun ini sebab internet sebelum dan sewaktu dua tiga hari raya pertama agak bermasalah jadi susah sket nak menulis panjang lebar.

Alhamdulillah sekali lagi dapat beraya bersama keluarga kami berdua, di tambah kegembiraan kami dengan kehadiran ahli keluarga baru kami, Faiq yang hampir 6 bulan umurnya Smile Sudah pandai serba-serbi, ditambah pula dgn kakak yg cukup sporting, siap merajuk kalau tak diberi peluang menjaga adik Smile

Kami juga cukup gembira walaupun rancangan asal untuk beraya di rumah sendiri terpaksa di tangguhkan ke lain masa, namun masih dpt buat sedikit majlis kecil bersama adik-beradik di rumah sendiri. Untuk yang tidak di ajak, seribu kemaafan di pohon, majlis yg lebih sempurna sedang dirancang dan insyaAllah anda akan dijemput.

Sekali lagi, Selamat Hari Raya, Maaf Zahir Batin dari kami sekeluarga!

Rahman's Family 2011

Annuar's Family 2011

Ahmad Faiq Amri

Alhamdulillah, praise to god, my son has finally decided to come out into the world. The EDD was actually on 2nd March, but had been delayed.

Signs of labor started on Friday the 4th morning, via a bloody discharge, then wife started to have her contractions towards noon. But the contractions were on and off so we delayed going to the hospital, even called and checked with wife’s doctor and she concurred we dont need to hurry. the contractions continued to be on and off for the rest of the day until it subsided late afternoon.

Contractions started again at around 11pm, this time stronger and stronger, got out of the house at around 2 and arrived 15 minutes later at KBMC. Waited a bit for the doctor to arrive, then around 3.30 actual labour started, and finally at 3.56am, 5th March 2011 our little boy arrived into this world. Weighing at 3.8kg just a little bit heavier than the sister.

The name of our wonderful little bundle is unofficially Ahmad Faiq Amri. Need to wait for a day or so to go to the Registration Department to get it official. Smile


first post from Smile

Escape To Terengganu

Alya & Me @ The Crystal Mosque

This year I was tasked with the not so tough but still time demanding duty of invigilating the SPM examination, from 23rd November till 20th December I was stuck. All plans was cancelled, had to cancel going to Johor for my cousin’s wedding, was only able to went to the groom’s side here in Kelantan. Was also unable to visit wife’s brother that had a knee surgery in KL.

After some discussion with the wife, we decided that if we couldn’t go to KL or Johor, a trip to Terengganu would do. So that’s what we did. We planned to go right after SPM finished and wanted it to be on a weekend so we can meet up with friends in Terengganu. So we decided to go on Christmas weekend.

Unfortunately for us, we had to push off later than we planned as on 23rd the PMR results was announced, and I myself had a meeting on that particular morning. Still that didn’t dampen our enthusiasm, as I said to my wife, better late than never. Smile

With the hotel’s assurance that they would hold our booking until 11pm , we pushed off at around 4pm, the journey was uneventful as it only took us 1 and a half hours to get there… not too much traffic on the way there. Felt more like I was driving to KB on a busy day.. heheheh

Arrived there in a small shower and me thinking this weather would really ruin our trip as we need to be indoors most of the time. But we were already there so enjoy it we must Razz

So we checked in at the Felda Residence Kuala Terengganu and got ourselves a room on the 12th floor! The room was actually a corner room so instead of it just facing the riverfront we also got ourselves a view of Kuala Terengganu city. A nice room indeed if I might say so Smile

So we got comfortable and unpacked, my wife had already packed us some nasi goreng the only thing it was lacking was a dish, so we head out to a nearby McDonald’s and bought their Ayam Goreng McD.. spicy for me Smile Then the night was spent eating dinner in front of the TV inside our room, and afterwards straight to bed, but of course my daughter wouldn’t allow us to sleep that early..

Second day there we had an early start, had the complementary breakfast at the hotel, I don’t know why but some of the food tasted a bit salty, chef must have had a bad day ehehheh… Then right after breakfast we head out to Chendering in search of “Mak Ngah Nasi Dagang“, quite famous for its delicious nasi dagang, our intention was to “tapau” some for lunch. You will be saying, why so early? Because by the time we arrived it was already 9 am and we had to wait for half an hour just to get to our turn. The crowd was packed, ppl arriving since 7 in the morning, but most of the crowd was dining in, and the owner prioritizes the dine-in crowd. Lucky that ours was take-away as it was a long queue just to get a place to sit.

After Chendering we went to Pulau Wan Man, to visit the Taman Tamadun Islam / Islamic Heritage Park, but we didn’t go in to the Monuments Park instead spent our time at the Crystal Mosque only. Was wondering why there were so many people at the mosque and thought it was because of the school holiday, apparently not, there was actually a wedding taking place at the mosque at that time, so we went and had a little walk by the river instead. Smile

After resting for a bit at the hotel, we went out again that afternoon. Went over to Kg. Bukit Tok Beng (BTB), wanted to order some kerepok lekor to take home, alas it was closed. Then we went to a shop called Pak Ndut’s as it is said his keropok keping is the best but it was also closed. Then and only then did we remember that it was a Friday. Not everybody opens on a friday hehehe Razz

That night as I was supposed to meet up with a few friends, we had an early dinner. Went to a little place near our hotel called Zie’s Corner, as the western there was highly recommended, I order a Sirloin Steak while the wife had Chicken Chops and not forgetting the daughter we ordered omelette with sausage for her. Did I mention that my daughter just love to eat eggs in general. All I can say is the food there is delicious and reasonably price, certainly not a 5 star affair but for the price it was a bargain.

Later, the meet up with friends was cancelled due to some technicalities Smile Instead we decided to stay in and watch the television as there was Anugerah Skrin that night. I went out before hand to the nearby Pizza Hut and ordered a small pizza to munch on while watching the award show.

On saturday, right after breakfast we went back to BTB and ordered our keropok lekor, we wanted to pick up the keropok at 2pm, but they told us it would only be ready at 5. So after discussing with my wife we decided to reschedule our day and instead go back to Kelantan after 5. After that we went back to Pak Ndut’s place but it was still closed, apparently they have a ‘kenduri kahwin’ that day. Seems we need to go to some other place to get our keropok keping.

As we have a few more hours to kill, we went back to TTI and this time around we went to the Monuments Park. Alya had fun running to and fro inside the park, but instead of being interested with the monuments she was more interested with the playground and the rides they have. We had fun as well checking out the different monuments from all over the world, there we definitely many photo opportunities. At 11.30am we realized that we were running late and it would almost be impossible to get back to the hotel and check out by 12. So I called the hotel and asked for an extension, they gave us the extension and that leaves us with an extra hour.

Rushed back to the hotel so that we can pack our bags. Arrived at the hotel at 12 and hurriedly packed everything. By 12.45pm managed to haul everything to the car and check out from the hotel.. phewwww! As my wife had promised to meet up with her friend from her university days we head out to Batu Buruk beach. Met my wife’s old friend and her family at the Batu Buruk Food Court. Went to this Nasi Ayam Yunnan stall for lunch, and my wife definitely had a wonderful time catching up with her old friend, the husband is from Kelantan so I was talking to him throughout the meal making small talks Smile

After lunch we head out to Bazaar Warisan where my wife went shopping for Batik while I wait in the car with my sleeping daughter. It didn’t take her long to purchase her batiks.. but I did manage to do some surfing while in the car. hehehe Grin
Later on we went to Masjid Terapung Tg Zaharah for our Zohor and Asar prayer. We also spent some time there as it was still early and we didn’t want really want to rush back to BTB.

After Asar prayer we head on to Losong and went to Kak Yah’s, it was a stall/restaurant and there were many people there eating their keropoks. Bought our keropok keping and then continued our journey to BTB to pickup our Keropok Lekor.
Arrived at BTB just around 5, in time for our order to be ready. The place was packed to the brim. One interesting fact about this particular shop is that it is so packed and full of people that they had to utilize a queue system similar to the ones used in banks. If you ever get to the shop you might be greeted by the sound of “Number One Two Five (125), Counter One”. And by the time we got there the numbers were already in the thousands. Smile

So we headed straight home as it was already late, but we still had time for a short stop at Penarek beach. Bought ourselves some take-away dinner from Hasnik’s Restaurant…. Sotong Goreng Tepong, Ikan Celup Tepung every type of seafood imaginable fried in a light batter. Simply marvelous.. Razz

Managed to arrive in Machang just right after maghrib at around 7 pm Smile So you can say it was another 1.5 hours journey for us Smile minus the stops of course …. so that’s the condensed version of my trip to Terengganu last weekend.

Adieu Rose

Thirty One, It’s Official

Happy Birthday Cake

Happy 31st Birthday

Celebrated my birthday a few days ago in a quiet manner with my family, no fancy dinner or anything, instead the day was spent going around KB hunting down a toner for my printer which suddenly it

seems that everyone ran out of stock.

Even the dinner was done in a hurry, was just a quick grab of a dinner plate from KFC on the way home to Machang.

Nicest part of the day was the presents from my wife which was two batik shirts, which she gave and claim it was because she was tired of seeing me wear the same old batik to work. Smile Lovely presents which should last a few years at least Razz Unless I grow???

Anyway the year in retrospect have been a good one for me, I have at least achieve something in life even if it’s just an “MA”, which tonnes of ppl already have. Who knows might even be brave or crazy enough to do it once again to get a “Dr”.

Overall it is a good year and I’m happy to add another year to my age, hopefully with age I grow wiser and more patient.

Adieu Smile

Things Alya Say In The Car

Alya Lipat Kain

Alya Lipat Kain

My two year old daughter is quite talkative, eventhough she still has problems with her pronunciation… she is also most talkative when she is in the car… especially when commenting on the traffic… maybe because from an early age we taught her to recognize the type of vehicles… lorry, cars motorcyle, ambulance and the not so often excavators..

She also like to comment on the cars and traffic, for example whenever I hit a pothole she would say “gok gek car papa” (papa’s car is unstable).. and we have no idea where she got the word “gok gek” (kelantanese) probably from her nanny?

Today she was talking in the car, saying “aguh okcik! iso okcik!” (very good, uncle! superb, uncle!) holding her thumbs up and showing it to the car in front.. this one is because whenever we encounter problematic vehicles my wife and I would hold our thumbs up to them.. hehe (cynical?)

And yesterday was something else altogether, we went to KB and she slept in the back seat, she woke up as I was getting into a crawl near a traffic light, she commented “ange epuh car, ekciden.. bum bum” (don’t hit the car, excident boom boom”…. really funny… the observation power of a child….

Adieu Grin

Post Grad

Alhamdulillah praise to Allah, I’ve finished my masters and have received my scroll.

Been slaving over it since dec 2008, and now when it is over I miss the rush of doing my assignments… for the record my masters was in applied linguistics, though i can’t vouch for my literary skills Razz

Anyway the convocation was not without any drama. First of all, the convo was a very wet affair. Was raining non stop the day of my convocation and continues on after that. Hence we had to walk a mile or so from the parking lot to where the graduands was supposed to gather in the rain! And yes the parking was scarce as the first session of the convo was still not finished at the time.

The day after the convo I went back to UUM (yep that’s the univ) to return my robe, on the way there 2 lanes were closed because of flooding. Thought that was that… but it was not so…. meanwhile back to UUM I had to walk in the rain again! Just to get some money out of the ATM. So after I finished returning my robe and collecting my scroll and transcript, I started to go back to my guesthouse, lo and behold! all 4 lanes of the road has been closed, lucky I had some help from Mr. GPS and managed to find an alternative route through some kampong road which was at that time still not flooded.

Got back to the house loaded all of the baggage and started my way back to Kelantan, but guess what… the road that I used to go to Changlun is flooded and now I had to try another road! Again!

Continued my journey to Kelantan after making a short detour to AOR airport to send my parents off to Johor. We then had a short pit stop at R&R Perah near Gerik and took off at 6. Around 7pm we had to stop in the middle of the jungle as very close after Kelantan-Perak border near Jeli, a tree had fallen in the middle of the road. Lucky that behind me were a few trucks full of soldiers, with their help and also a big rig they managed to pull the tree out of the way and finally we managed to continue our journey….

Finally arrived at my home at around 10pm… my journey to Kedah only took me around 5 hours ++ but the journey back took almost double of that because of the multitudes of “events” on the way back.

That is not including the drama with my parents’ flight Razz delayed for 6 hours!! huhu

p/s: me studying masters would somewhat explain why I was on a bit of hiatus from the site, didn’t have much time to write anything, even if I did it would only be in snatches on fb if any..