Category: Journal

30 April 2003

A very cold night

shivers, its a very cold night tonight, with the rain and all….. just finished a discussion/meeting session with my partners… got some stuff to be carried out… which reminds me .. I need to finish packing.. got to move out from the house tomorrow…. My dad is coming to pick up the stuff that I want to send home… mostly furnitures that I wont be […]

29 April 2003

It’s Raining Outside

I’m stuck at the office, it’s raining pretty bad outside there… supposed to have a meeting with my friends at 10, think it has to do with the tender for the 40 computers that the pharmacy school wanna buy. Today has been quite a productive day… went to the treasury to see what I owe the univ, woweee my fees summed up to a total […]

28 April 2003

A Day Gone Awry

Yesterday was another supposedly boring day, with supposedly nothing special, but things happen which I can’t stop. No wonder I had this bad feeling from the start. Got to the CC just fine, perhaps a bit late, but considering all the odds, I was wondering how I made it to the CC at all. Then feeling in a good mood, I built this webbie. Huhu… […]

28 April 2003

A New Beginning

I was bored, stressed out perhaps. And suddenly out of the blue a desire to create inspired me. I wanted a new website, so I thought what the heck. Let’s go, have some fun while at it. And maybe learn something new in the process. I was thinking of a theme, and I believe it would be best if i dedicated this one to my […]