Category: Journal

30 April 2003

Tiring Indeed

What is most memorable about today? definitely all the calls i’ve been getting… let me think, my mom called….. from the house… my dad called while on his way to penang… the clerk at ITC called about the quotation….. the director of ITC called…. something about MDC ppl coming along on monday… phew… and that was not just one time each at least once or […]

30 April 2003

A very cold night

shivers, its a very cold night tonight, with the rain and all….. just finished a discussion/meeting session with my partners… got some stuff to be carried out… which reminds me .. I need to finish packing.. got to move out from the house tomorrow…. My dad is coming to pick up the stuff that I want to send home… mostly furnitures that I wont be […]

29 April 2003

It’s Raining Outside

I’m stuck at the office, it’s raining pretty bad outside there… supposed to have a meeting with my friends at 10, think it has to do with the tender for the 40 computers that the pharmacy school wanna buy. Today has been quite a productive day… went to the treasury to see what I owe the univ, woweee my fees summed up to a total […]

28 April 2003

A Day Gone Awry

Yesterday was another supposedly boring day, with supposedly nothing special, but things happen which I can’t stop. No wonder I had this bad feeling from the start. Got to the CC just fine, perhaps a bit late, but considering all the odds, I was wondering how I made it to the CC at all. Then feeling in a good mood, I built this webbie. Huhu… […]

28 April 2003

A New Beginning

I was bored, stressed out perhaps. And suddenly out of the blue a desire to create inspired me. I wanted a new website, so I thought what the heck. Let’s go, have some fun while at it. And maybe learn something new in the process. I was thinking of a theme, and I believe it would be best if i dedicated this one to my […]