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13 April 2013


A month or so back, I was commuting back and forth between Kelantan and KL. It was tiring, but fulfilling at the same time. The reason was because I was attending a course on translation. I was among the few who responded to an advert in MOE’s website, asking if we wanted to learn how to translate. As I’ve been doing translation on a part […]

22 January 2013

Good Start To 2013

Seems that 2013 will be another good year for me. First day of 2013, I got home and got a letter from IKEA, informing me that I won a backpack in a recent lucky draw. Apparently there was a lucky draw when I last went there, and I was picked from the many ppl who registered for their IKEA Family card. Thanks a lot IKEA, […]

21 December 2012

Behind an F1 Driver : An F1x2 Experience

This is a really overdue post..   Back in March 2012 (still this year :p) I had the luck to won a lucky draw by Maybank for its customers. Back then when I got the call I was even confused thinking that it was some kind of marketing agent trying to sell me something. I totally really forgot about that particular contest as the entry form […]

11 December 2011

Thirty Two or Thirty Three??

It’s that time of the year again, it is my birthday. But there is something special this year 🙂  32 years ago I was born on 11 Dec or according to the Hijri calendar 21st of Muharram. This year 21 Muharram falls on 15 December 2011. That is what is so special about this year 🙂 I will have two birthdays in a week, I […]

10 December 2011

SBPA 2012 : Khas Buat Guru

Pekeliling SBPA telah pun diedarkan beberapa hari yang lepas, pastinya sudah ramai yang membaca dan meneliti pekeliling tersebut, pastinya ramai yang tersenyum dan berpuas hati dan timbul pula pelbagai jenis pertanyaan. Mungkin kerana ada yang kurang jelas mungkin juga kerana tiadanya lampiran C? Ada skim yang telah mendapatkan maklumat dari lampiran tersebut ada lagi yang belum. Jika sudah pastilah sudah terungkai sedikit pertanyaan. Untuk merungkai […]

3 September 2011

Salam Aidilfitri 1432H

  Moga masih belum terlambat utk saya dan keluarga mengucapkan selamat hari raya kepada semua rakan-taulan, sahabat-handai dan kaum-kerabat sekalian. Maaf Zahir dan Batin kami sekeluarga pohon dari semua kenalan. Terlewat sedikit ucapan tahun ini sebab internet sebelum dan sewaktu dua tiga hari raya pertama agak bermasalah jadi susah sket nak menulis panjang lebar. Alhamdulillah sekali lagi dapat beraya bersama keluarga kami berdua, di tambah […]

5 March 2011

Ahmad Faiq Amri

Alhamdulillah, praise to god, my son has finally decided to come out into the world. The EDD was actually on 2nd March, but had been delayed. Signs of labor started on Friday the 4th morning, via a bloody discharge, then wife started to have her contractions towards noon. But the contractions were on and off so we delayed going to the hospital, even called and […]

31 December 2010

Escape To Terengganu

This year I was tasked with the not so tough but still time demanding duty of invigilating the SPM examination, from 23rd November till 20th December I was stuck. All plans was cancelled, had to cancel going to Johor for my cousin’s wedding, was only able to went to the groom’s side here in Kelantan. Was also unable to visit wife’s brother that had a […]

14 December 2010

Thirty One, It’s Official

Celebrated my birthday a few days ago in a quiet manner with my family, no fancy dinner or anything, instead the day was spent going around KB hunting down a toner for my printer which suddenly it seems that everyone ran out of stock. Even the dinner was done in a hurry, was just a quick grab of a dinner plate from KFC on the […]

16 November 2010

Things Alya Say In The Car

My two year old daughter is quite talkative, eventhough she still has problems with her pronunciation… she is also most talkative when she is in the car… especially when commenting on the traffic… maybe because from an early age we taught her to recognize the type of vehicles… lorry, cars motorcyle, ambulance and the not so often excavators.. She also like to comment on the […]