Category: Journal

16 May 2021

The Traveller

I am a traveller on a journey,A journey of knowledge,On a path to fill this thirst. O lonely rocks,Do you not wish to traverse the world?Enjoying sights unknown. Join me!Let’s walk together on this journey,A journey full of wonders. Voyage of enlightenment,A never ending quest,A purpose to fill.

4 May 2021

The Cough Story

A few week back… Was among the worst week in my life. Scrambling to get a rein on my health. Day after day my health was deteriorating. I developed a cough back in early January. Initially I thought it was just due to my sore throat. Went to the doctor and got some antibiotics and sore throat lozenges. But it lingered. Day after day it […]

23 May 2020

Aidilfitri 1441h

Visuals are always intertwined with festivals. Be it the Petronas adverts that we eagerly await for every year, our need to decorate our houses or a simple poster wishing Happy Holidays. This year I took up the task of creating a Hari Raya Poster for my alumni. Not an easy task to begin with, but I my tried my best. So I looked for inspirations […]

27 April 2020

The End Is Nigh?

A lot of people have intuited that in the future we will be forced to live indoors, it spawned generations of preppers. The reason for it have all seemed to be along the lines of war, man made catastrophes. Some have pitched biological warfares. Now it seems the reason would be a pandemic. Not so exciting as a zombie apocalypse, but it certainly is dangerous […]

25 February 2015

Think Tank Meeting 2015

Was invited to the English Co-Academic Activities Think Tank Meeting couple of week back. As a result I attended a day long meeting. Main agenda of our meeting today was to discuss the concept paper of Poetry Recitation and Scrabble competition. Specifically to include the secondary schools in the competition. After going over the concept paper back and forth so many times we finally came […]