Q: Place Of Residence?
A: Weekends in Pasir Mas, weekdays in Machang.

Q: Working?
A: Yes, as a cikgu.

Q: Field of study?
A: Previously at USM, Aquatic Biology (1999-2004; yes 5 years Razz). Then Dip. Ed (TESL) to teach English to secondary students.

Q: Aquatic Biology, good god what’s that?
A: It involves everything that concerns water and living things that live in it. Has a much bigger scope than Marine Biology, because Marine Biology is mostly limited to Sea Life.

Q: You like computer why didn’t you pursue that?
A: Computer to me is a hobby, things that I do in my leisure time. Things that I do to destress Smile Not add more wrinkle to my face Razz

Q: Taken?
A: Already married Razz

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