How To Write A Good Essay Pt1

How does one type a good fictional/story type essay? hmmmm

It is a matter of expressing yourself actually. A good essay needs a clear view of where it is going. Please make sure that you have a defined Introduction, Content and Ending. This means u need a guide/draft.

Then after that you need to capture your audience/reader. Make them experience the story. Provide as much detail as possible.

Here is an example of how you can provide details to your sentences

Ex: ” I went to the canteen”
When? I went to the canteen today
When again? At exactly 10am I went to the canteen
How? I ran to the canteen
Why? I went to the canteen to buy some sweets

This method of asking questions to extract more details could create in itself a story. Here’s how

When the recess bell rang at 10am, I jumped out of my seat and ran as fast as I could to the canteen, I must get there before the other students. I must! This time I will get what I want most from the canteen, the delightful mini burgers that I like so much.

That instead of saying, “I went to the canteen for recess, I ate mini burgers”

Drama is the life of a story, and no drama will be good without details smile.gif

p/s: That’s all i could think just right off the bat.

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