Nationwide vs SkyNet : The Courier Test

After hearing all the good words about both courier companies and the fact that I also use both a lot to send my documents and also to receive them. In fact when I was in Gua Musang, they would personally deliver parcels to me at night as they already know I won’t be available in the day, that’s what we call personalized service 😀
So to decide once and for all, which is the best courier company for my need. Today I sent 2 identical parcels containing 2 identical items to the same destination. Both was posted at 2.15 to 2.30pm.
I have checked and found out that the destination UUM Sintok are not on the ODA (Outskirt Delivery Area) list of Nationwide, but was unable to find Skynet’s ODA list. Although one seller in Lelong claims UUM is ODA for Skynet. So based on that we can say that they have the almost the same level of playing field as Skynet’s has the nearest branch at Jitra while Nationwide’s nearest branch is at Alor Setar. So that would even out the fact that Skynet might have UUM on its ODA list while Nationwide doesn’t.
Now what we need to do is wait for the item to arrive, the question is when???? and who will be first?
Till the conclusion :devil:

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