Goodbye Jerek, Goodbye SMK Tengku Bendahara

I started my teacher’s life at Jerek in January 2006 and after 4 years there, I felt that it was time to move on, so I filled up the necessary forms.
A few weeks ago, my wife and I received letters that state that our application is unsuccessful. So we put aside that part of our life and moved on, didn’t really do anything about it.
Yesterday, I received a letter from State Education Dept. My application was successful, my wife and I will be transferred to Machang, effective TODAY! It was a big shock, we didn’t expect it and was neither mentally prepared as we actually applied to be transferred to Pasir Mas my hometown. But instead, I was transferred to Machang which is my father’s hometown.
After thinking it over and over and over… we both decided that we will go there. So today we reported for duty at our new schools. So far everything has went smoothly. My school is SMK Hamzah, whilst my wife is posted at SMK Abdul Samad. Both are approximately 10km apart. After reporting to the schools we went to visit my uncle who is also a teacher at Machang. Asked for his help to find a house for us.
Decided to rent a place at Machang, we realise Pasir Mas is only 30km away, but don’t feel like commuting again like we did at Gua Musang. At least we won’t be feeling like we are in a hurry to get back home when the bell rings 🙂
There’s a lot of things on my heart but it is difficult to be worded… Jerek will always be a part of me… I will always remember the fond memories at Jerek….
Adieu Jerek :rose:

5 thoughts on “Goodbye Jerek, Goodbye SMK Tengku Bendahara

  1. yep in Machang currently 🙂 subjects… main subject is actually English, but currently am also teaching Biology… been teaching biology since the first year i started heheh 🙂

  2. hmm..teringat pula suatu ktkeia dulu, masa baru2 kahwin, dua kali juga mohon KPLI, yang pertama tak dpat, yang kedua dah mengandung..lepas tu mohon kali ke tiga, dapat temuduga tapi ada masalah lain pula tak dapat pergi. Akhirnya sekarang anak dah 4 pun, takde rezeki pun jadi guru. Dulu pun FIL selalu tanya minta tak KPLI..semua risau, sbb masa tu akak takde kerja tetap. Tapi skrg, FIL pun dah takde, mereka semua dah tak risau atau sibuk lagi, mungkin sbb kami dah stabil…alhamdulillah. InsyaAllah..kalau ada rezeki pada KPLI tu adalah, tapi kalau rezeki Azyatun dan suami bukan di situ, tetap akan ada rezeki yang lain datang, semua itu adalah ketentuanNya, usaha dan tawakal padaNya.

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