Second Stroke, Second Death

Last week my maternal grandmother had her 2nd stroke after the first one 14 months ago.
The first one left her immobilized. The second one saw her in a coma for a week. It ended yesterday…
11 Rabiulawal 1430H / 8 March 2009 , at around 2.40pm she left peacefully. The grandchildren all made mad dashes in order to arrive for her funeral. We had her funeral this morning at around 9am.
Last year it was my paternal grandmother…. so this makes it my family’s second death in less than a year.
Bon Voyage…. 🙁

2 thoughts on “Second Stroke, Second Death

  1. So sorry for your loss… may she rest in peace. Amin.
    Now on another note, would you like to buy a Proton Exora? 5% off for Silver Lining buddies :p

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