Too Long Too Hectic

The past few weeks have been hectic, I don’t really know what happened but time just flew and I forgot entirely to update the blog 🙁
Sorry if my absent mindedness causes a lot of anxiety :p (like ppl read the blog pon!)
So we had a splendid raya, visited relatives as usual, went to more houses this year, bringing along Alya, she behaved nicely like a good girl she was, the only thing is she get hots easily and will make a fuss if we stay too long at a house :p She likes to be on the move!
Then after the raya it was busy busy school days again. Last week I only went to school for 1 day, the rest was spent with the district volleyball team, I was entrusted to coach the Under15 team. We only had 4 days to train…. the Girls managed to get into the semi final and left with the Bronze Medal 🙂 Was really proud of them. Sadly, the Boys didn’t even pass the group prelims.. happy and sad at the same time :((
While at the games I was informed that I would have to go to a Mini Games Carnival and was appointed as the referee for Volleyball. The wife also called to tell me that I was also appointed as an invigilator for SPM. So that means that this week I will only have 2 days to go to school, tomorrow and the day after. Next week I will no longer be at school. Didn’t expect that it would be this hectic at year end because usually there will be no more activities at this time of the year.
But I welcome it anyway, because I like it 🙂 You may have expected that anyway 🙂 Because when it is hectic, it means that I get more done. Plus, my time with the students have been realy maximized and there’s nothing more that I can do with/for them. The baton has been passed to them. I do hope that they would do well in Biology this year.
Best of all, my wife has been very understanding throughout this hectic period, considering the fact that I will be leaving her again next week 🙁 I think that’s all that I could jot down today, probably I would do another entry after this. 🙂
Adieu :rose:

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