Ramadhan 1429H Cameron Highland Trip

It is now a week into the month of Ramadhan. As a sort of celebration of Ramadhan and because of our belated anniversary. I took the wife and baby to Cameron Highlands for 3 days and 2 night.
Actually we are very familiar with CH as my wife worked there for 3 years. We stayed at an aparment which is owned by my wife’s friend. It was very comfortable, 3 bedroom 2 bathroom, comes fully furnished. Quite a homely feeling. As my wife commented, even our house at Gua Musang doesn’t have a sofa :p

We pushed off thursday afternoon and got to Tanah Rata at around 8 pm. Actually had to break our fast in the car, as we only took off at close to 6.30pm. So when we got there I was all hungry, the wife got to work in the kitchen, reheating the food that we brought over.
That night, and the night after that we didn’t exactly go anywhere as the nightlife at CH is not that booming 🙂 So no nocturnal activities for us.
So on friday our agenda was mainly just to visit her friends. We stopped at a few houses, exchanging info and gossip …ohhh just the regular stuff that women do when they meet friends :p On our way back to the apartment we stopped by at the Brinchang Ramadhan Bazaar. The wife went to look for food while I looked after the baby in the car. I’ve heard of several complaints from other people that the prices at these Ramadhan Bazaar have gone up. But I didn’t expect it to be these much. But did I get a shock when the wife got back with the food and a hole in the wallet. A piece of “Ayam Masak Pedas” is RM4. Yes a small portion is 4 ringgit. How small? A drumstick! The day that we took off, we bought food from Gua Musang’s Ramadhan Bazaar, and “Gulai Daging Kerutuk” was RM2.50 per piece, but seriously that’s nothing compared to a RM4 drumstick :p
On Saturday, we packed our stuff and got ready to go home. On the way back we stopped at KHM strawberry farm. It is a bit secluded but quite famous according to the missus. BOught a few strawberry related item, and I bought one small jar of honey. Then we stopped at Kea Farm, bought some vegetables and headed off to see more of my wife’s friends.
We managed to get home at around 3.30pm, just enough time to perform the Zuhur prayer. I believe that we managed to do just what we wanted to do there. Meet friends and have a relaxin weekend 🙂 Alya seemed to enjoy herself there, seem she wasn’t even bothered by the cold weather 😀
Adieu :rose:

7 thoughts on “Ramadhan 1429H Cameron Highland Trip

  1. I love the pasar malam in CH! All sorts of weird stuff there… haha. And freshhh flowers and green veges, I lovee! But damn, that’s one expensive drumstick. Kalau whole leg bleh terima lagi.
    Anyways, Selamat Hari Raya Maaf Zahir Batin Mr. bum bum! Does Alya get a baju kurung this year? =p

  2. Yep tonnes of stuff but my wife doesnt like it :p Alya tak dpt baju kurung, but got a number of gowns to wear courtesy of her aunties.
    Selamat Hari Raya to u tooo 😀

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