PMR Trial 2008

Have been pretty busy this week, for starters, the school was open on saturday as we had to replace for the Aidil Fitri holiday. What’s more was that this week was the Trial Exam for PMR.
The questions were a bit tough for English, a few students just didn’t know what the questions really wanted. They gave a dialogue whereby two persons were debating on the good and bad of being involved in sports. The students were asked who they agreed with. So the students had to do 2 things, first was to extract the main points and then use it as a basis for their own opinion. Pretty tough but some had managed to do it quite nicely.
Tomorrow is the Mid Semester 2 break, but I have not started my journey back to my kampung yet, instead I’m going to finish arranging and moving all the small items to the new house. Hope I can finish it all in a day as on saturday we have to attend a wedding.
I have another story, but we will get to that story another day 🙂
Adieu :rose:

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