Robot Ticks

Have been pretty busy these few weeks, I took over the job of mentoring my school’s robotic teams. Previously they were looked after by the PK KO, but he was transferred to another school and as I was one of the mentors last year, I took over his job this year. But to make it all sound more crazy, I’m mentoring 5 teams this year! as opposed to just 2 last year.
It has been hard work for me, staying back after school everyday, I only go back home at around 5.30pm. But truth to be told I enjoy it, playing with those lego kits reminds me of my childhood, even though when I was a child I only had a small set. But true enough it does bring out the creative side of you 😀

So back to the teams, 2 teams are the under 15 team and 3 more are under 18s. Just last week I told them to redo their robot designs as most of them were pretty unstable and some could even turn properly without dragging its back wheel.
The under 18s have finished their robot design and moving on to the programming side of it, but as thing goes the younger ones are still playing around with the design of their robots. Makes me feel very nervous. Why shouldn’t I, the competition is actually on thursday, at that’s just 2 more days. Phewwwww….. hopes the kids will be able to do it in time 🙂
Till next time
Adieu :rose:

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