Bird And Time

What does a bird and time have in common? both can fly 🙂 For surely time flies when u are busy or having fun. For the most part I was having fun. Workload has been tremendous, but amazingly I had fun. 🙂
After the Vball tournament as expected I was off again for another work trip. Went on a short course for biology teachers. Supposed it was for the head of biology panel, but there’s only one biology teacher so I end up going for it. Was actually informed earlier by a fellow biology teacher from Faris Petra, but forgot all about it until the letter arrived at school. The course was a bit sour, maybe becaused I’m used to biology trips during my univ days, but it was ok in the end. Got a bit of exposure on becoming a better biology teacher. Hopefully!! :pray:
Luckily not so far after that it was the mid year break, but I didn’t really get any rest. Was busy going to & fro and everywhere. Lots of wedding invitation to go to. I think I was more tired after the hols than I was before it.
Now after all that I don’t think the activity in my school has gone down a notch but instead I think there’s gonna be a flurry of activities afterward. Need to be prepared mentally for it 🙂 There’s the uniformed camp and so on so forth.
I do hope that I’ll get some rest in betweens 🙂 So till then.
Adieu :devil:

2 thoughts on “Bird And Time

  1. enjoying work eh.
    doesn’t sound weird to me.
    it has always been like that, i mean, more exhausted after the holiday rather than before the holiday itself.
    sbb konon2 nak lepak2 masa cuti.

  2. 🙂 fortunately i’m the type that enjoy both work and holidays 🙂 ekekek outside of class kekadang bosan gila, dok dlm kelas relax je (konon :p)

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