Frustrating Day

Went to Kota Bharu today, with the intention of settling a few matters that was hanging on me. First I wanted to go to the PBSMM (Red Crescent) HQ, I wanted to check the price for my uniform. But the PBSM Shop was closed!!!
Officer’s uniform are usually a bit more expensive, so just wanted to confirm and have one tailored for me. (Yep they have their own tailor :p) Actually I already have a uniform, but that one was badly made, ill-fitting and according to a superior cut the wrong way. It was made when I was still in maktab and now I needed a new one as my school has just set aside a day where the students can wear uniforms to the school. I’m the head advisor so naturally I should set an example. So I was thinking that I could salvage the shirt from the last uniform and put that to use as a double for the new one. Alas the shop was closed and now I will have to go again another day.
Secondly, I wanted to repair my O2 Mini, the speaker has been giving me troubles, can’t actually hear anything thru it. Wanted to send it off to the shop, but the shop that I went to said that they lacked the capability to fix it. Sheesh, why did u open a handphone repair shop if you can’t fix one :p And the rejection was done without even asking what was wrong with the phone. If the guy was nice enough I would have given him a printout from the internet that showed how to fix the problem step by step. I would have done it myself if I got the tools.
I guess I’ll try another shop, another day. As today it was already nearing the end of office hours and I just wanted to get out of KB before the rush hour. No point getting stuck in the middle of a jam for nothing. Till my next complaint.
Adieu :devil:

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