It’s A Rainy Holiday

It is almost a week since school hols started, but I am still at school, not because I’m hardworking. In fact I’m still here because I’m lazy :p
I’m not the only one here, there are numerous other teachers, they are mostly here because they are on duty, and one physics teacher is here for the same reason as I am.
Actually I’m doing extra classes for my biology students, just to finish up on their syllabus and start early on their form 5 syllabus. Also because I’m keeping an eye on the form 5 students. You know how kids feel more secure when they have their teacher around, even if the teacher can offer little or no help at all.
Just did an experiment with my students yesterday, I was not really thinking of doing experiments with them, more of teaching theories and stuff. But they wanted to do an experiment and I have no problem about it. So yesterday we cut up some frogs to learn about their anatomy, which I believe they enjoyed the break from normal teaching. There was one scaredy-cat though. Who didn’t even want to take a look at the frog, the squirmish type, who have now earned the nickname “puteri katak”. Overall, I think the experiment served its purpose, which was to give them a preview to comparative anatomy, which they would never get to see unless they took up biology at university level.
I think that’s it, I have to prepare for my afternoon class now.
Adieu :devil:
p/s: I’m in the middle of sorting out my photo collection, will upload them soon, as soon as I’ve decided on the categories.

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  1. thanks for coming to my blog.i like your blog ..simple, smooth and using some advance element. I still digging blogging knowledge, hope u dont mind to share. We are same..a teacher who like to blogging. 😀

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