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Hola, it’s been a while since I last wrote here, not that I was purposely neglecting my blog, but then it tends to get quite busy at school that I just can’t make time to write a proper update, I suppose I could leave short updates, but that wouldn’t really quench your thirst for info would it?
Here’s a short amalgamation of happenings in my life lately, first and foremost I went on an interview, those on my YM probably saw the weird status about a month ago .. heheh yes it’s been that long. The interview is actually my appointment interview. The ministry have this long and strenuous process that need to be done before I get my confirmation as a teacher. This interview is part of it.

I got to get interviewed by a member of the SPP (Suruhanjaya Perkhidmatan Pendidikan), a free goverment body that deals with the service of the members of the ministry (MOE). It was a Dato’ that interviewed me. I was scared shitless, mainly because I wasn’t prepared. Heck, I even forgot to print out a valuation of my Degree from the internet.
Suffice to say I was a nervous wreck that day, couldn’t stay inside the waiting room, as I feel too cold, and couldn’t stay outside as it was too hot, and in the end I ended up standing in the doorway. Expecting an earthquake I suppose. Haha
Waiting for my turn I heard murmurs from inside the interview room, and believe me, what I heard didn’t make me comfy. The Dato’ was angry at someone inside the room there.. huuuu scary, he/she must have forgotten some stuff in there.
Then, it was my turn, I got asked some pretty complex questions, some of which I…. I… I made up the answers to? ahahaha don’t know what happened, but I think I was too nervous, to the point where I was asked who was the ex-KPPM, I couldn’t answer it, and to make it worse, I also couldn’t tell him who is the current KPPM. I only managed to tell him it was Dato’ Dr. Ahamad bin Sipon after a bit of coaching. The interviewer/Dato’ actually laughed as he said it seems that I studied too hard, that’s why I couldn’t remember a thing. I only had a wry smile for that. I didn’t study at all, if you discount the studying that I did outside the door.. ahahahha. Luckily I managed to get out of the interview room alive. Didn’t get barked at like some of the other interviewees.
A few weeks ago I got the good news that I passed the interview, it was a joyful moment for me. Yay!!!! managed to pull myself thru that, now I just need to do some routine medical checkup and I can be on my way to becoming a confirmed teacher. :p (certified teacher done, now only confirm)
The second thing is, there’s nobody at home right now, my parents went off for Mecca a day before Ramadhan, they are performing their Umrah. They have always like to fast there, says it’s more peaceful, and I believe they deserve it, as they haven’t been there for a long time, in fact the first time after their retirement. Have to look after the home right now.
Oh, I’m also starting a new hobby, flying radio controlled helicopters. Burned the tail motor of my first heli and currently waiting for a new heli to arrive direct from HK. I suppose it will fill my time when I don’t want to go and play volleyball. Oh yeah, due to me playing too much volleyball, I now have a bad knee and losing weight, guess I’ll be fit and not so fit at the same time.. ekekke :p
Till the next update, adieu :devil:

2 thoughts on “All About The Sunshine

  1. hoho.. congrats.. orait le tu.. mmg gerenti lulus unless pengetua bg bad report..
    aku lg memalukan.. couldnt answer who was kl’s mayor.. huhu.. :blush:

  2. tq 😉 tang laporan pengetua tu aku dah tgk, pengetua kasi markah penuh. siap puji melangit, tu yg sayang sgt pengetua aku tu 😀 seb baik anak dia semua laki ahahahhaha

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