The Holiday That Really Was Not

It has been a full week, my holiday doesn’t even feel like it was one, except for the lack of needing to go to class and teach.
Heck, I’ve been really busy this past week, I’ve only been able to take a rest on friday and from saturday till tuesday my schedule was really full. First on saturday I was busy buying stuff to make into door-gifts, and no it is not for my wedding and its not related to weddings at all. That was tiring, running around finding things for the gifts. Thankfully my mom, had an idea where to find all this things, and that really smooths thing along a bit.

On Sunday I had to go to Perkampungan Hadhari at Kota Bharu, was supposed to escort my students there, but as it is, I wiggled a little bit and all I had to do was wait there at the place itself instead of riding a bus all the way from the school. Phew, once the students were there, all that was left to do was to let them loose. That part was easy, finding them back to get them all into the bus was a little bit harder. The students were also brought to KB Mall, in case any of them had an urge to buy things, although I believe it was more of a sightseeing trip for the students. All they bought were tonnes of junk food. I guess that is what kids do 🙂 Junk food is like staple food to them. 😀
On Monday, is the biggest hurdle and the most tiring. I was one of the organizers for my school’s family day. Seriously it was tiring, I was in charge of the activities for kids and adults alike. I was also in charge of the door-gifts. Yep this is the reason I’ve been buying and making lots of door-gifts. Primarily the door-gifts are for the kids, I put all sort of sweets in there including some fruit puddings plus a bonus of ballons for them to huff n puff 🙂 The activities weren’t that packed but it sure was tiring trying to get it all to run smoothly. The first night was BBQ night. Had to go and buy seafoods, and other paraphernalia that was needed for the BBQ. This part was a bit tiring, had to go to a few different places to get all the seafoods that was in the menu and the other bits. Luckily the BBQ ran smoothly without a hitch. It was BBQ all the way from 8 till 10 pm. Was relieved to see that the food was enough for everyone 🙂
Afterward I joined the guys at the seaside for a bit of fishing competition. I was supposed to be the marshall of the competition. Had to see who caught what. It was not done for too long as the guys was already tired from the BBQ. After we know who the winners were, the competition was closed. Next morning is the dreaded time. I had to run the activities, mostly its just games for both kids and adults. Lucky that I had helps from the other organizers. Don’t know what would have happened if I was to be left to my own devices. After all the fun it was time for a quick photoshoot, and as it were a reporter was nearby and spotted us, so he interviewed the principal about our activity, and guess what.. we where in the newspaper the next day :p
Lunchtime was when we got all together for the prize giving ceremony and the last meal there 🙂 On the whole it was a new experience for me, organizing a family day, lucky my friends were very supportive and did a lot of work to help me.
After all those tiring days, I decided to take a rest and slept in on Wednesday, but still my rest were interupted by the vice principal coming to my house asking me for help with his master, but the interuption was brief as it was only a small favor asking for the use of my internet 🙂
Today (Thursday), I decided to go on a little shopping spree, rewarding myself on a job well done :p plus it was the Malaysian MegaSale Carnival. Bought myself a couple of trackpants to replace the old one that is slowly deteriorating into rags. I also searched around for a new shoe, it was really hard finding a shoe that would fit me, the biggest size they had was 10, which was fine by me, because that’s my usual size. But to my amazement they all didn’t fit, even the more expensive ones. Was really depressed because I would have really liked to buy a new walking shoe, as the old one looks a little bit depressing and not fit for going to functions anymore. But on my way out there was this little corner where they put all the heavily discounted items. The usual place had discounts ranging from 10 to 30 percents but here it was from 50 to 70 percents. Had a look at the shoes, asked a bit if they had size 10 shoes, one of the shoes that I liked, they only had it in size 6, which was like duhhh the size of my hand? But lucky me, the other shoe, they didn’t have a size 10, but they did have a size 11, and it fitted nicely! That was pure luck, as they claimed before that the biggest they had was size 10. Grabbed it and immediately paid for it. I guess my feet have a way of saying that it liked expensive shoes, but it like expensive shoes that is cheap better. Because all of the other shoes was a little bit expensive.. ranging from RM80 to RM150 but they all didn’t fit, but the only shoe that I fit was the one that was RM250++ and it was discounted 50% so hell it was cheaper than the shoes that I looked at before 😛 I guess my feet do have taste after all :p
Adieu, till next time :devil:

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