From Perak To Terengganu

As the title suggests, I’ve been travelling a lot this past week, and more is still to come. I spent my weekends at Perak, mostly inside the UTP campus. Was escorting my students there for a return visit, as UTP students did a homestay program at the village where my school is situated. So off I went there in my car (the vice principal wants 2 car to follow the bus, in case anything happens). It was a tiring 3 hour drive (yes my school is that close to the border), with all the loopy turns and all; but the scenery change is reward enough for me, I also got to meet an old friend of mine that I got to know in my univ days. Had fun looking at all the changes that UTP introduced at the old USM engineering campus, the new mosque is way cool to me, looks like a bunch of mushroom packed together from far. Also has a nicely lit waterfall in front of the mosque. The finished Chancellor Hall is quite an architectural feat, especially considering the fact that the library rack is 3 floor high! Quite a sight too see, can hold up to 500k books.
As it is, that trip was really meant for the students, and I am just the escorts, so they had all the fun, while I just tagged along for their tour and so on. Meanwhile my travelling has not ended, tomorrow (tuesday) I’m supposed to check in at a hotel near Batu Buruk, Terengganu for a 3 day course on how to better use the Teaching Courseware CDs that the ministry have provided. The tiredness from travelling to UTP and back is not over and yet here I am off to another state, again! But, I’m looking forward to it, gonna meet up with a few friends who is in Terengganu right now, don’t know how many I’ll be able to meet in such a short notice, but who knows 🙂
Till next time, maybe I’ll write a longer entry about my travels. Sorry no pictures, have lost my taste for taking pictures as the cost of film is rising, and I’m yet to decide on a new digital camera. Still have my eye on a D70s but still can’t afford one. 🙁
Adieu :devil:

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