The Extra Mile

Just started a one week school holiday, not going to be really holidaying though. I have a short course on Volleyball Coaching. I’m also helping out my seniors at the school in doing their master assignments. The assignments are all in English, and they needed help in translating the related articles.
Talking about short courses and masters, I’ve always dwelt on the need to further my studies, at least getting a masters degree. My general feeling is that, a teacher’s education is and never will be complete, you need to continually educate yourself in order to teach/understand students better. In that point of view, why not get a masters in the process, something to show for all your efforts.
Nevertheless, there’s that itch at the back of the neck, what type of masters do I want, a Educational Management masters or a TESOL masters, or maybe even an IT in Ed masters? Guess I will have to think deep on where I want to go from here. An administrator? a true to the bone English teacher or a mix of IT/English teacher. Now that’s a very hard question to answer. Lucky that I still have a few more years to think on it. (most univ needs 2/3 year experience in teaching in order to get into a M.Ed program)
But for now, I’ll just concentrate on finishing the assignments and being a certified volleyball coach.
Adieu :devil:

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