The Fox’s Cave

I’ve just got back from the short briefing which was from 8 am till 2 pm 🙂 Just got to know which school I’m posted to. No big surprise actually, got a school back in the rural areas. My school is SMK Tengku Bendahara, or previous incarnation, SMK Jerek. The school is somewhere in Gua Musang, where exactly I can’t say, but I guess I’ll discover that tomorrow. 🙂 Will be packing up tonight and head off to Gua Musang early in the morning. My feelings about the posting, hmmm not too disappointed as I have expected it, I think the person who is more disappointed is my mom and my dad. Both have sort of liked the idea of me staying close to home, guess not… 🙂 I’ll not be too far, just 185KM away 🙂
My concern is whether I can get an internet connection at the school or not, have heard that some of this rural school have got Satelite Broadband installed. The package is called VSAT if I’m not mistaken. Hopefully it’s there. 😛 Wishful thinking ahahaha 🙂 Guess my posting will be once or twice a week, on the weekends that I do get home. Till then, wanna pack up a little.
Adieu :devil:
p/s: This school is said to be the most Ulu of all school… erk!!!

5 thoughts on “The Fox’s Cave

  1. I remember one drama ‘Cikgu Limau Kasturi’, the drama made me realise how the challenge for a teacher in such remote place. Karl, being a cikgu adalah kerja mulia. May Allah bless u.

  2. well karl… HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAH.. Sory had to laugh. the expression “so close… yet so far” came into mind. Well so much for the Vios, its just u, a train station and hopefull wishes for VSAT. May God continously bless u. :devil:

  3. I do hope you will enjoy teaching in that school, surrounded by well-behaved students and high-spirited colleagues (reality check: some students tend to drive you mad and some colleagues can be a bit highly strung…but again, with a teacher like you, I am sure you can pave a greater path for those students. Selamat mengajar!

  4. just to scratch some old wound into namiaz, 1. the school is accessible by road, in fact this weekend i’ll be driving my vios to the school :p 2. the VSAT is there, i just need to tune the wireless router so that I can get a conn from my quarters 🙂

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