Jerek :: Here I Come Again

I’ll be off this afternoon, gonna drive my car there. The car that “merajuk” because I left her at home. When I got back at home, after a week or less, the car won’t start… the mechanic says the battery was low, and new cars are like that, you can’t leave them not moving for long. Too many electronic component that will continuously drain the battery. (Oooo pandai merajuk la plak, baru 2, 3 hari). So I’ll be driving it over so at least I will be using the car not so frequently, but it’ll be taken care of.
Semi packed at the moment, there’s still a few items left unpacked, and still deciding whether I want to bring the water dispenser or not. Will be bringing along a whole wardrobe, you know how it is with teachers, bags full of work clothes 🙂 Need to remind myself to bring my ping-pong bats, and tennis racquet. Don’t want to miss out on playing both games again 🙂 Then there’s the shoes, don’t want to play football bare-footed again, still got a few thorns in my feet because of the last football game.
So till then, I’m gonna go and pack a few more things. 🙂
Adieu :devil:

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