22 December 2005

The Week That Was

By Rahman Pauzi

This past few weeks have been a good week for me, except for an incident that caused me to go ballistics. But that incident have been settled and done with. Nothing of it to speak anymore.
Anyway, the postings for the KPLI rendah was announced yesterday, and a few friends msged me of where they got their postings, seems everyone is happy with the posting results. A friend who wanted to go to Sabah got it, another who is following her husband gets Terengganu (which is where her husband is). So congratulations to you guys 🙂 Have fun at your new schools.
I also want to say thanks to all the well wishers. It was a nice birthday this year, and I hope there will be more to come :)) But on a sadder note, my grandpa have just gone down with a fever, seems I’ll have to ferry my parents back and forth to my kampung for the time being. I hope he gets well soon 🙁
Adieu :devil: