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This entry is not about any particular recruitment agency, but more on what I’ve been doing for the last few years in my free time.
I don’t know when it all started, but it has become sort of something I do just for the fun of it. At first I believe because I was always on the look out for small jobs that can be done and finished within a week or so. Then afterwards, as I was more focused on my own need and studies, I started matching up clients with the freelancers. (if I can use the term). Redirecting those prospective clients to the freelancers who could do just that.
Nowadays it has become sort of second nature, whenever people talk to me about this or that particular thing that they wanted done, I could always remember a friend or acquaintance who could do just that. Or had an expertise in that field. Most of the time the job is IT related so to speak. As this was my side income when I was studying in USM. It also occured to me that I no longer like to do this odd jobs myself, eventhough I know I can do some of them. This is because I don’t want to think of it as a side income and then kill my interest in it for good.
This is what I like to believe as the benefit of having a large base of contacts, and yes I do try as much as possible to never delete a phone number from my handphone. You never know when that particular person is in demand for a simple job tweaking a website design 🙂 So if you need a man for any job (not any la :p) just give me a buzz, I might just know the man to introduce to you 🙂
late addendum: Not every introduction goes through well, some failed, some went OK.
Adieu :devil:
p/s: I don’t charge an introduction fee but a little “mutual respect”** would always be appreciated.
**Check out The movie Fast & Furious for the meaning of mutual respect 😀

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