Not So Boring A Day

The vicious cycle of not knowing exactly what to do each day has to stop I say. This is the downside of having too long a break, you start getting bored. Especially if you are the type who doesn’t have lots of money, which in this case is me. Have to be a lil bit strict on the budget.
So yesterday, just to fill in my day, I tagged along my sis as she went of to do her routine inspection of the mall. KB has only one mall, that is KB Mall :p Went there around 10. Before we went off to KB I went on a wild goose chase trying to find a network access topup card for my sister’s celcom. Apparently my sis’s prepaid is so outdated that out of 4 shops that I tried, only one had it and then again the shop gave me an e-pay slip. Seems that not many ppl are still using that plan.
After that did we go off to KB Mall. Our first stop was at the Reject Shop, my sis wanted a new pair of pants to be worn when she’s on call. I was just trying to find something suitable to replace my old jean. It had this gaping hole in the worst place ever. I settled on a pair of cargo pants. On to our next destination, that is Pacific. Supposedly the only hypermart in Kelantan. Is it? There my sis bought a ton of yogurts, which to my raised eyebrows she said “One week stock!” Haha yeah right! I bet she won’t be able to finish it in a weeks time. Bought some veggies and the likes for my mom.
I also bought an air freshener for the car and as an afterthought I bought a chamy, was thinking of giving the car a good wash as it has never been washed since coming back from the dealer, but forgot to buy some car shampoo. Great! My sister then told me one of her friend is still in the hospital after giving birth, she was planning to visit her. I’m not the type that is comfortable in hospitals, so I agreed to wait in the car. It was quite boring waiting for her in the car, so I started to tinker a bit with the audio system in my sis’ car. Tuned it a bit to make it sound better. But then again it is the stock clarion that proton installed, so it didn’t do much good. Then we went straight home after all that. All in all yesterday was another plain day, but it was a break in my monotonous life.
Today, just to keep myself from getting bored, I managed to clean up my room, rearranged a few equipments. Maybe I’ll get a small bedside table to put my laptop on. I believe there’s an extra one somewhere. Feels weird sleeping with the laptop beside the pillow. I guess that will do for today, wonder what I’ll do tomorrow. All this waiting just to know which school I’m going to be posted is making me a bit antsy.
Till next time adieu :devil:

4 thoughts on “Not So Boring A Day

  1. bila laa merasa naik keter baru orang tu ek? :think:
    anyway… walau dah lambat sgt… happy b’day dan tahniah atas keter baru dia… vios lagi tu… :clap:

  2. :clap:
    untuk pengetahuan semua,Billion kb tu supermarket kat shopping complex kota seri mutiara.
    Pacific pulak hypermarket kat shopping complex nama kb mall.dua-dua tu mall(shopping complex).kat kb ada banyak lagi mall dalam pembinaan.iaitu PELANGI MALL,KBTC dan lain-lain.tunggu semua siap and then pergila shopping..see ya..

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