Kelantan It Is!!!

My Vios 1.5GThis week has been amazing! First it was my birthday, and I sort of bought my own present this year 🙂 My family doesn’t really celebrate birthdays so it was up to me to do my own celebration. So I went off and bought my own present, I’m now the proud owner of a Toyota Vios 1.5G (the one on the left there :p), which I picked up on my birthday 🙂 The dealer even noticed it and said happy birthday when I picked up the car. And I also got another good news on that day.. let it remain a secret for now 🙂
Then today, I was shocked because I got a phone call telling me that my grandpa was warded, so I went down to the ward to find him fit as a fiddle, was even walking around the room. Which really put me at ease. It was just a minor complication, he was having chest pains, most probably caused by his lungs. My grandpa used to think of smoking as a passionate hobby.
To top off a good week, at noon today, I got a message from my classmates telling me to check my posting. They seem to have the info that you can check the result of the postings now. For which I have been praying to get Kelantan, and guess what? After all those talk about no posting to Kelantan, I got it!… Yep, I’ll be posted to Kelantan. Gonna go to the State Education Department next week, to check the school that I’ve been posted to.
To those who is still in the dark, u have the option to wait a bit until the official release on the internet 🙂 Or just go ahead and give BPG a buzz. The number is on the website 🙂
I’m gonna go ahead and celebrate by having lunch 🙂 Hahahahah!!! :))
Adieu :devil:
addendum: Posting info for now is only for KPLI menengah, KPLI rendah is still unknown.

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