ArtakusDotNet Hari Raya Gath And Others

Just got back from Abg Pat’s House in Seremban, it was just my crowd, the conversation was lively and non-stop, the topic was always interesting and spot-on, and the food.. marvelous…
Meet a lot of people there, mostly old internet friends that I’ve never met, most of them are from ADN. Some of the few that I’ve already known beforehand was like Kak Mas and Jundak and the highlight was definitely meeting Abg Pat in person, finally!!! It was good to be able to finally give a face to all those ppl that I’ve known all this while and yet have never met. Felt nice actually.
The discussion was definitely stimulating to the mind, you can never know how much info is contained in a writer’s mind for him to be able to write a book, and as Saga Artakusiad is a great book (although the humble author will never admit it) you should know how much info is in his brain 🙂 Thus the topic was somehow lively and always jumping from one topic to another and I definitely have fun chipping in when I can.
What struck me personally was, about how writer’s need a personal code of ethics in his writing, as Abg Pat mentioned to me that my writing shows that I have a personal code. I can readily concur that I do try to maintain a set of codes, but I sometimes break them myself, one of it is for me to never regret what I’ve written in the blog, however ppl will bang my writing for what it contains. Another is to never intrude on other ppl. But sometime the two conflicts and there were a few time where I did criticize a person directly in my writings, but from all those times that I did do that, I’ve only retracted only one of my criticism, the reason being that he cannot respond because he’s not that internet literate, the other being that I don’t want ppl to confuse between his character and his profession. Other than that I can say that I’ve never regretted what I’ve written in my blog, if I do.. I have come to terms with it.
Personally, I believe that a writer’s personal code of ethics and set of value would define the writer’s style of writing and how his characters and protagonist are developed.
All in all this has been a fruitful day for me, satisfying for both my mind and my tummy :p
p/s: Please be patient for book 8, Abg Pat is working on it, don’t worry 🙂
Adieu :devil:

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