What Is Life To You

Back in Kelantan for the weekend, enjoying every moment of it. My family had a small “berbuka puasa” yesterday. Everyone was there except for my aunt with her small kids (too far to be driving in the middle of the night) and our latest addition to the family Arif Aiman (my cousin’s son) is at home with his mom.. sleeping happily I suppose 🙂
Enjoyed the time spent with them, as I hardly get to see everyone all at the same time. I’ve been a busy nomad for the past few years :p Even heard that my sis said something about being happy that I’ll be around to have sahur with… ekekek (I am the naughty/full of antics in the family)
Went shopping with the family as well yesterday, my sis dragged me around to check on cloths… she has this tendency of trusting my sense of color and judgement, though some ppl like to say that my color sense is off :p (there are others who always say that I have a good taste in colors.. sort of) 🙂
Today I sort of wanted to go to the school where I was a temp teacher to see my students, tired of getting smses from them telling that they are worried about SPM. Wanted to reassure them of a sort. But all the cars are used today… what to do, maybe another time 🙁 Will have to find time to meet them another day.
Later on tonight I will be heading back to Cheras, with a smile on my face, as what I want to achieve this weekend have been achieved.. at least one major achievement although the smaller ones are not achieved…
So what is life to you, something as mundane as my life, full of typical trivialities, or something exciting, bungee jumping and skydiving all year round? You decide, life for me is a mix of both fun and calm 🙂
Till next time
Adieu :devil:
p/s: I had to delete my previous post, ethics u see :p

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