Practicum Is Over

School’s is over temporarily for me, its now back to college time 🙂 Now I don’t have to do lesson plans everyday hehe 🙂 Though might I say that I’m a little sad to leave all my students… Spent my last day there taking pictures with them actually. Not as many as I wanted, but as film is not getting cheaper… that will do. :p
First day at college and we had to do a group reflection, our group as usual with its crazy antics was envied by everyone especially when we told them we got a few free t-shirts from the school (baju pun nak berkira :p) There will be two more days of reflections for us. Most of it will be group work if I’m not mistaken, then after those sessions we are going to have to work our butt off finishing a lot of assignments… 🙁
On another note, seems its the season for KPLI interviews, I’ve been getting a few call and sms asking for tips on what to be prepared for. Not that I really know what they are going to be asking, but as people keep basing it on the fact that I got through on the first try so I should know. Had to get some other ppl to chip in their inputs as well. But basically as one counselor said, its all in how you show your interest and how knowledgeable you are.
Ok I think that’s it, gonna have to go and rearrange my “Buku Rancangan Mengajar”. There’s a few missing items I need to paste in.
Adieu :devil:

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