Breaking In The Teacher

I’ve started my practicum 3 weeks ago, and it all went by in a blur. It was all jumbled up. This and that to do. Getting accustomed to the routines here at school. Getting up early and going back home late. Not that early really ‘coz I only have to get to school by 8.30am but I do have class till 2.30pm.
You must be wondering why my time is slightly later than normal schools ‘coz I’m actually doing my practicum at Sek. Sukan Bkt. Jalil. And the kids have to go train in the mornings.
Teaching at the school has its pros and cons. You know how athletes behave, they just can’t sit still in class, and I have to think up of very exciting activities, or else they will just ignore me and jump around instead. But they are a fun lot, if u know what I mean :p
Been involved in a few activities at school from the moment I got here, basically had to handle the language week (quizzes, ceremonies and all) and we had to supervise the kids during one of their motivational seminars.
If I’m not mistaken I still have to accompany them for a summer camp or something in 2 more weeks. There’s more to come after that…. woooo…. Merdeka day? I hope I don’t have to go and go for the Merdeka Day parade with them….
Now if only you could understand why I’m always tired these days…
Till next time…
Adieu :devil:

5 thoughts on “Breaking In The Teacher

  1. “kami guru malaysiaaaaaaaa…
    berikrar dan berjanji….
    mendidik dan memimpinnn..” 😀
    oklerr kalo ngajar bebudak active.
    kalo ngajar budak2 slow je,tertido tido kebuhsanan lerr ngko…

  2. problemnya bebudak ni biasanya pepagi dia org letih sbb baru balik training, so ada la jugak yg gatal nak tido… tp so far not a big problem.. manageable 🙂

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