Dazed But Not Yet Confused

A week has just passed by since I got back to KL, and there is simply too much input to tell it over here, meet with me and I might tell it over a cup of tea. Just kidding :p
Just a few minutes (barely half an hour) after I arrive in KL, I got a phone call from a friend of mine namiaz a.k.a aiman. Seemingly he just arrived in KL, and need a place to bunk, his friend’s car broke down and he’s left stranded at the bus stop. So I did a quick detour and he tagged along to my house.
In the afternoon we went to LowYat as I wanted to find a few stuff for my laptop, bought a new ram module(512mb), a sd card(1gb) and a sd card reader to accompany it.
Then we had to rush home as we totally forgot the time as we had to attend my alumni dinner. Namiaz was the animator for the alumni dinner so he was granted a free seat (aku gak yg kena bayar RM150!!!). So we got there just in time actually, and namiaz had to finish the final rendering of the animation while we were in the car. Lucky he got a real good notebook capable of rendering :p
So the dinner was fine and dandy, the MB of Selangor was there acting all important (but wasn’t even invited to give a speech bwahahahah) and the Sultan of Selangor was also there (definitely got a few minutes of speech time). Then after that we went straight home. I was tired. heheheh… :p
Then the next day, we went around KL again… got a call from Leer (another ex-USM), inviting us to Gombak, went to Gombak and he led us straight to a house that was still under construction, he was actually the interior designer, and he was working on it that afternoon (talk about hardworking, working on a sunday)… the house belonged to some millionaire, the owner was actually there, got to shake hands with him and then proceeded to talk about the fishes that he was planning to rear in the ponds. (still have the thing about fishes … :p) He was actually very nice, bwahahah and he’s also from Kelantan. We were there till 8 or something, but the Dato’ went back much earlier than us. While we were still talking, reminiscing old time, we were joined by another ex-USM, Hairi and his wife Lynn (also ex-USM) apparently he wanted to take a pic of the house’s interior (he’s an interior designer as well). And it was bla-bla session all over again. Then around 8 we took off, as I was damn tired, and couldn’t think anymore.
Afterwards namiaz took off with Leer, I think he went to Sg. Buloh then afterwards took his bus home to Penang…. and that was one weekend in my life. Not too hectic but certainly full, and my feet is still sore from walking all over KL. If I get the chance I’ll put in another entry this weekend. 🙂
Adieu :devil:
p/s: Just got back from watching Initial D, and I got a free car sticker… hahah somebody buy me a new car!!!

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