My Tired Heart

The cloud billows,
The sail unfurls,
My heart is full,
Full of sorrow.
The bird chirps,
The stream gurgles,
My heart struggles,
Struggling to work.
The wind blows,
The eagle careened,
My heart is tired,
Overworked and slow.
The flowers so vain,
The bees racing,
My heart is raging,
Racing to fill my veins.
The winter is staved,
The summer remained,
My heart is tensed,
Hypertension followed.
Note: My sis a.k.a my doctor is getting restless, I have high blood pressure 150/95… too high… My family has a history of heart problems. Have just got back from the clinic to check my lipid profile (to check my cholesterol level). They are trying to check the cause of my young hypertension. I will have to go to a specialist once I get back to kelantan.

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