Moonlit Rose

Red, shimmering in the moonlight,
You are the flower that blooms in the night;
Reflection of the moon in your eye,
Unlike any that passes before my eye.
Yours is the beauty that I seek,
Beauty that is everything but meek;
A flower that grows free,
There, a beauty for all to see.
Grown in the wilderness,
Braving the harshness;
Yet you grow strong and mature,
Always certain of your future.
Moonlit rose, stay as you are,
Always sure of where you are;
Mature and strong as can be,
Grow and be all you can be.
Note: Written during class, as part of a regular journal that I need to submit. Used one of my classmates as my muse. She was wearing red that day :p And yes I did ask for her permission :devil:

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